Another Living Stones Church Baptismal Celebration

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Baptism, Living Stones Church, vision, worship

Yesterday morning at our 9:30 & 11:30 services we were blessed to witness 14 people give their lives to Jesus in baptism!!  It is always exciting and truly a highlight!

This year we have had the high honor of witnessing 52 people (and counting) get baptized!

So…to Melissa, Michael, Brandon, Toni, Patti, A.J., Kayla, Mitchell, Judy, Rebekah, Michelle, Kymmi, Patrick, and Jon...CONGRATULATIONS!!  We love you and we’re praying for you!

(Thank you to Doug Harsch for putting the video together…on top of an already very busy week…thank you my friend for your sacrifice of time)

  1. K. Rex Butts says:

    Awesome and Praise God!

  2. the other Ed's wife says:

    It was a great day, thank you again Sam! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how lucky I am to be at such a great church with such a great pastor!

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