Trunk N Treat

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Living Stones Church, vision

(A little late…I know)

The Living Stones Church had our annual Trunk N’ Treat back on October 31st.  It is our time to participate and engage the neighborhood.  Based on last year, we thought preparing for about 250 trick-or-treaters would be sufficient.  NOPE!!!  It looked like 2000!! (that could be a preacher count 🙂 )  Holy cow I had no idea how many neighbors trick-or-treat around here.  We were about out of candy after just an hour!  TONS of kids (and adults who strangely had no children, weren’t wearing a costume, but had a pillow case to collect the sweets…what’s up with that?!).

We encouraged the church to decorate their trunks and the winner received a $50 gift-card to Speedway (who doesn’t want a Speedway gift card?!).  We had the trick-or-treater’s actually vote.  We gave them a ballot as they entered the parking lot and turned it in on their way out.  This year’s winner (and it was a tight race) was Paco & Emily Bayer.  They created a “pumpkin patch” scene in their trunk with their newborn baby (yes…that is right…I said newborn baby…as in a LIVE prop) dressed as a pumpkin in the middle.  CUTE!!  It took me a moment to even connect that it was a REAL baby.

Thanks to Kristin Harris and our REEF team for pulling off a great event!


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