11.17.09 Biggest Loser

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

MAKEOVER WEEK!! I love makeover week (don’t tell my guy friends I said that).

Me:  “I need a makeover.”

Isaac (my 13 year old son):  “They can’t do anything with your hair.”

Me:You’re grounded…for life.”

Rudy – much better shaved and shorter hair and dude…your wife is gorgeous.  Liz – MUCH better.  Get rid of the “grandma” persona and stick with the new look!!

Great speeches!

  • Danny – lost 12 lbs. double digits six weeks in a row! (3.80%)
  • Rudy – lost 16 lbs. [12 of it was from his beard] (4.94%)
  • Allen – lost 5 lbs. (2.06%)
  • Rebecca – lost 3 lbs. (1.44%)
  • Liz – lost 3 lbs. (1.46%)
  • Amanda – lost 9 lbs. (4.46%)

Rudy, why send Rebecca out like that?  Dude…just vote for Rebecca, but air it now?  Not cool dude.

Good-bye Rebecca.

Holy cow!!  She is skinny.  She looks totally different.  Definitely in contention for home Biggest Loser prize!!


Rebecca has lost 122 lbs.  She looks great.  And she is in love with a fellow Biggest Loser contestant….DANIEL!!! They have walked through common experiences, spent 5-6 hours talking, and “she fell in love with her best friend.”  Wow.

See the clip here.


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