12.1.09 – Biggest Loser

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

My favorite part of every episode – the Extra gum commercial that snuck up on you and you had no idea you were watching a commercial.  It works.  Instead of a Thanksgiving dinner this year, I just chewed Extra Gum.  It’s magic.  Just kidding.  It is obnoxious.

Danny’s face is SO thin!!  He looks totally different.

Running a marathon!!

Final weigh in (60 days after leaving the Biggest Loser ranch):

  • Liz – lost 16 pounds (8.08%)
  • Amanda – lost 16 pounds (8.60%)
  • Danny – lost 59 pounds (20.49%)  [lost 201 pounds so far!!!! WOW!!]
  • Rudy – lost 43 pounds (14.53%)

America now votes @ www.nbc.com

My prediction:  Liz will be voted out.  Likeability factor.  But Amanda can’t win.  She just doesn’t have enough weight to lose.  This is one of the situations where the guys started at such a heavy weight.  Don’t think the ladies can overcome their total percentage weight loss.

  1. This is such an amazing show, inspiring and just really….good!!! I always get way too emotionally involved with the contestants and weep unnecessarily while watching it.

  2. Melissa says:

    Also guilty of needless weeping. I liked how they showed some of the struggles taking place at home for the contestants and their families. I’m kinda rooting for Danny. His kids are already starting to have weight issues. They need dad to help them get it straightened out now.

    The commercials have always been obnoxious. One of the contestants just happens to forget his water bottle at the gym, so Jillian takes him over to the sink where a Brita filter and bottle just so happen to be waiting. Quit trying to disguise the plugs. We’re not that stupid.

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