12.8.09 – Biggest Loser Finale

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser
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America voted...Amanda beat out Liz for a spot among the final three (no shocker there).

And now the final weigh-in:

  • Alexandra:  lost 91 lbs. (29.45%)
  • Antoine:  lost 152 lbs. (41.42%)
  • Sean:  lost 155 lbs. (34.91%)
  • Julio:  lost 180 lbs. (44.23%)
  • Mo:  lost 92 lbs. (25.92%)
  • Dina:  lost 79 lbs. (31.23%)
  • Abby:  lost 100 lbs. (40.49%)
  • Tracey:  lost 118 lbs. (47.20%) [wow…she looks like a personal trainer!]
  • Shay:  lost 172 lbs. (36.13%)  [give Shay another year like Daniel…she can do it!!!]
  • Daniel:  lost 111 lbs. (35.58%)
  • Rebecca:  lost 139 lbs. (49.82%)
  • Allen:  lost 116 lbs. (35.69%)
  • Liz:  lost 91 lbs. (34.08%)

Rebecca wins!!!!!!  $100,000 at home winner.

Shay is invited back to the Season Finale show of season 9. At that time Subway is going to give Shay $1000 for every pound she loses between now and then (and as many sandwiches as she wants).

Antoine proposes to Alexandra on the show (girls love it…guys are bored and ready to move on…oh ugly cry).  She said “yes” (with ugly cry).  Now they are making out on national TV.

Three finalists:

  • Amanda:  lost 87 lbs. (34.80%)
  • Rudy:  lost 234 lbs. (52.94%) WOW!!!!!
  • Danny:  lost 239 lbs. (55.58%) HOLY COW!!!!  That is amazing!!!


Next season:  Biggest Loser Couples (9) – starting January 5th

  1. Melissa says:

    Julio-creepy; Tracy-really creepy; Rebeeca-really, really creepy! Danny grew on me, for all his crying, and I’m glad he won. I liked all the finalists. The proposal was sweet, even if it has been done before.

  2. Agreed. Although I thought Tracy did great. I liked Rebecca better with dark hair. What do you think? Do you think her and Daniel are still together? Didn’t mention it…but she was a little touch feely with him.

  3. Melissa says:

    Nope, don’t think they’re seeing each other anymore. I think that would have been part of their stories. I’m really pulling for Shay. I want her to come back in May and be down another 100 lbs. Rudy’s story resonated with me too. I’ve got every excuse in the world for not having time to exercise. If he works that many hours, has two kids and a house to take care of and can still do it, I need to shut up and figure it out!

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