A Little Less Golden

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Notre Dame, sports

Charlie Weis…gone.

Jimmy Clausen…gone.

Golden Tate…gone.

I figured it would happen.  Who wants to start all over again with a new coaching staff and the shifting of dynamics? Plus, there is slightly better pay in the NFL than at Notre Dame (yet strangely you do get Boling lasik eye surgery and Basney Hondas in exchange for playing at Notre Dame…shhhh…don’t tell the NCAA) 🙂

By all accounts, Jimmy Clausen is slated to be the third quarterback pick in the NFL draft and Golden Tate is slated to be the second wide receiver pick in the NFL draft.  They should make the NFL with relative ease (however…let us not forget about the panicked Brady Quinn and even Clausen’s own brothers [Tennessee quarterbacks]).  I was hoping they would stay at Notre Dame one more year to help the new head coach Brian Kelly (no…this isn’t an official announcement…just my prediction…and how will he explain that to his present Cincinnati player?) have a genius inaugural season!!

  1. sister says:

    Brian Kelly…I am all for you. Come to Notre Dame. I am in the area so you can see me whenever you want, Brian. I am sure that will make your decision easier…I am just saying…..(earlier post).

  2. david says:

    ACTUALLY, there are a number of other potential coaching candidates I’d rather see than Kelly. IRREGARDLESS, I agree ND will probably end up with him.
    MYSELF thinks the 2010 season will stink as much or more than the 2008 season. ND falls a little more with each coaching change. I think they need some drastic changes before they ever return to the upper echilon of college football.

  3. clever David. a two-post comment in one! Excellent use of time.

  4. sister says:

    Hey…what about me. I ACTUALLY had a two post comment in one as well. You’re a jerk….I’m just saying.

  5. Melissa says:

    With regard to the previous post (which is what irregardless really means, right?), can Notre Dame be an upper echelon school both academcially and athletically?

  6. Lori says:

    In all ACTUALITY, what GOOD coach is going to come to Notre Dame knowing that the powers that be will IRREGARDLESSLY fire them before they can get a GOOD team built back up?

  7. K. Rex Butts says:

    I wish the NCAA would enact a rule that prohibits colleges from hiring a new coach and/or coaching staff until the season is completely over, which includes all of the bowl games. I felt sort of sorry for Cincinnati who have worked so hard to get to a BCS title game only to have their coach leave them early because Notre Dame hired him…making it about Notre Dame rather than waiting out of respect for those teams who have worked hard for an invitation to a bowl game.

    …This is coming from one who has never been a Notre Dame fan and never intends to be :-).


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