A Sunday on the South Side

Posted: December 28, 2009 in South Bend


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That’s the Wal-Mart we shop at (when we go to Wal-Mart).

That’s the apartment complex we lived in our first six months in South Bend.

That is the intersection (Inwood & Ironwood) that’s just a few blocks away from my parents home.

And that is the neighborhood that is two blocks from the church and a block from where I grew up.

It doesn’t feel like “the hood”…but maybe my familiarity is deceiving me.

I wonder if the city would mind if we (the South Side of South Bend) secede from South Bend and establish our own sovereign city, government, school system, etc.

What should we call our new city?  Stonesville?

  1. The Bishop says:

    I heard the shots yesterday morning while sitting at my laptop reviewing sermon notes. I didn’t know it was gun fire at the time (nor did I know some innocent fellow was getting plugged just a few blocks from here – thankfully, not life-threatening), but it was definitely not normal morning audibles. There are no safe zones.

  2. eB says:

    That’s a building over from where we lived at Irish Hood, and places we drive nearby to and from home.

    After having to call police repeated times for late night domestic violence in our IH building and finally for an armed man trying to kick in a door a floor below us, to find he didn’t live there and the persons locking him out did not either, and all were released because nothing was happening when police arrived and the gunman had a permit… it was time for us to move out.

    Maybe the familiarity is truly deceptive.

  3. Jennae says:

    This is just a crazy story! Al Vitale, (assuming there is only one in South Bend), the neighbor that starts and ends the article was my English teacher in high school…great guy!

  4. Tammy says:

    I wonder if those Vitale’s are related to a woman I went to HS with… how scary.

  5. Melissa says:

    Mr. Vitale was my English teacher too! SUPER guy! The scary part of this story is what sounds to be the total randomness of it. I don’t understand why it’s OK to shoot someone you know, but I REALLY don’t understand shooting at random. I don’t want to secede, though, Sam. How can we make anything better if we’re not a part of it?

  6. Jim Ruth says:

    One of the reasons we are in so much trouble in South Bend and many large cities is that we thought we could run from our troubled neighborhoods. We are finding out we can’t. Instead of trying to make a difference in our neighborhoods we decided to leave them. We are finding out that when we flee from neighborhoods we are actually fleeing from people. Though they may not be God’s sons and daughters, they are certainly God’s creation. Without God’s people to share God’s story, how will they ever know about the life changing power of God through His Son Jesus. Crime is everywhere. There is now, nowhere to run. I guess the only place to run now, is to the Cross. I think I can hear God say, “Finally.”

  7. Melissa says:

    I looked you up in the yearbook, Jennae. Do you know we are in a picture together, three people apart?! I didn’t know we went to highschool together!

  8. Jim Ruth says:

    Let me add so no misunderstands what I am saying; churches such South Gate, Broadway Christian Parish and Living Stones among others have chosen to stay and do battle with an oppressive enemy, satan.

  9. Jennae says:

    No I did not know we went to h.s. together Melissa… how crazy! Penn was so huge… what year were you? and what picture were we in together? I only have the 95 yearbook…

    …and yes, I’m having a complete conversation without you on YOUR blog Sam! 😀

  10. EdK says:

    Remember when the south side used to be the ideal section of the county? SB’d short sided leadership and lack of long term vision has crippled the growth in the area, which has set forth a pattern of decay that I wonder if it will EVER recover from..

    My guess says, honestly I doubt it.

    4th largest city in the state, but within the next 10-15 years at this rate, SBs actual population will probably be about 6th or lower.

    Soft judges and prosecutors aren’t helping crime here.

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