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Please Tell Me This is a Joke

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanks Rachelle & Jon:

I’ve decided I’m rooting for Mike.  It’s sort of the same deal as being a Cubs fan.  He is the underdog; he is under attack; everyone else is outperforming him…but it triggers the “go-under-dog-go” string in my heart.  Go Cubs!  Go Mike!  (GET OUT!!!!…I just typed that and then during the challenge MIKE just referred to himself as the “Chicago Cubs”  – I’m like a psychic!!! (my family can testify to the honesty of my timing and comments!)

RED TEAM JUST WON IMMUNITY.  Third week in a row Melissa doesn’t have to lose weight if she doesn’t want to!!  They now have to hand out three huge penalties to three different teams.  They did a great job of figuring out who to give it to in the most relational-saving way possible.  (By the way…my least favorite team is the GREEN team.  I’m ready for Miggy and Migdalia to go home…TOTAL ATTITUDE!  Hello “chip-on-my-shoulder.”)

Who believes Lance & Melissa?  Are they lying, or are they seriously not “playing the game”? (My wife totally thinks they are lying and wants Jillian to rip them ‘a new one’ (my words not hers 🙂 !!)  Wow Melissa…that was a big swear…yikes!

I like that Sam & Koli.


Migdalia & Miggy below the yellow line.

Go home green!  Go home green.

Migdalia going home.  Should have sent mom home.  Get her attitude out of the  picture.

Final pictures…not impressed.

Spiritual Formation Defined

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Discipleship

“…spiritual formation for the Christian refers to the Holy Spirit-driven process of forming the inner world of the human self in such a way that it becomes like the inner being of Christ himself.”

Dallas Willard & Don Simpson in Revolution of Character page 16

No One Responded to the Invitation

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Family

Last night I preached to my three kids.  It was on Matthew 7:12 (the Golden Rule).  I waxed eloquently about Jesus’ expectation that we treat others like we want to be treated.  I brought it down to real life application between how siblings should treat each other.  I attempted persuasion, reason, and emotive appeal.

When I finished, Kelly began to hum “Just as I Am“…while I extended an invitation to my children to come forward in tears of repentance

…they just sat there.

Please pray for the hearts of stone that belong to my children that they will be convicted for the sake and sanity of their parents…oh, and Jesus too! 🙂

Movie Review: Book of Eli

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Movies

I’m not going to say ONE thing about this movie for fear that I’ll give anything away.  Whatever it is that you are doing, stop, and then go to a movie theater and watch this movie.  Right now!  Don’t bring the kids (it isn’t for them).  After you get done watching it, come and talk to me.  EXCELLENT!

Church Turnaround

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Church, Confession, Leadership, vision

I’m fascinated by the new Dominos‘ Pizza strategy.  I’m sure their sales were hurting, and this is the latest campaign to acquire a bigger slice (get it…I said “slice” 🙂 ) of the market when it comes to pizza.  But it is an interesting strategy.  Very transparent and vulnerable.  Air everyone’s grievances and complaints and allow it to motivate you to something greater.

Curious about this strategy for a church.

Of course, the major difference is that church’s SHOULDN’T be consumer driven.  We are God-driven.  Which means we don’t set direction and course based on everyone’s complaint and criticism, but rather on God’s.  BUT the element of vulnerability and transparency is very interesting.  The concept of “we’ve not done this well” and we are going to do something about it, seems to be important.  We aren’t interested in overly-positive comments, but the reality of the situation.  Sometimes churches supress that in an attempt to appear “perfect” and encouraging.  Sometimes churches, after a hard assessment, need to decide to “start over” and attempt a turnaround.

I heard one time that Winston Churchill in the height of WWII had to put together a special team that reported directly to him that had only one task…presenting the facts of the war as truthfully and honestly as they could.  Winston Churchill discovered that because of his position and power that when subordinates would give him “the news” it would be rose-tinted and with the best spin.  He knew you couldn’t win a war with rose-tinted facts.  It had to be reality.  And with that, he put together a system to ensure he would always receive the facts, no matter how brutal their content.

The Pizza Turnaround:

You don’t see it on Sunday morning.  But on Monday nights (in “The Pit”) there is a group of High School students, predominantly from Riley High School, who gather together for Young Life.  Carolyn Coleman (along with some ND college students) are with them every Monday night.  She e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that had over 40 students this past Monday night.  40 students!!  Over 40 High School students who aren’t really involved at any church (LSC included – what you see on Sunday morning by way of High School students in an entirely different group of High School students).  Seems explosive by way of opportunities.  I think it just might be LSC’s best kept secret.

Teacher / student week.  Stupid.

Migdalia…DRAMA.  I think she is going to hit Jillian.  Whatever.  Walk away Migdalia.  Go home.  Interesting to hear Migdalia repeat the conversation (as she interpreted it) and how it is totally off base with reality.  Her emotion is filling in words for Jillian and making her “hear” all sorts of non-sense.  Also interesting to hear mom try to defend and protect the dysfunction of their thinking and lives (and thus proving exactly the point Jillian was making).  In the end, mom did give her daughter some good counsel and encouragement.

Mike being singled out as lazy in the gym.

  • Sam (-11) & Koli (-13) [immunity]
  • Migdalia (-8) & Miggy (-7) [3.20%]
  • Andrea (-7) & Darrell (-12) [3.22%]
  • Cheryl (-7) & Daris (-9) [2.90%]
  • Stephanie (-7) & John (-14) [3.10%]
  • Melissa (-1) & Lance (-12) [3.57%] *some suggestion that  Melissa is game playing.  Ooh.  I’m sorry not a suggestion – an explicit accusation.  Fight.  Fight.
  • Maria (-4) & Mike (-10) [2.08%]
  • Ashley (-12) & Sherry (-6) [3.48%]

Mike & Maria (white team) below yellow line.  Maria making a huge appeal for Mike.  Come on dudes…let Mike stay.  HE NEEDS TO STAY!!

I think relationships are going to break down pretty quick in the house.  Especially between white, grey, brown, and purple.  A lot of tension.   Maria going home, but Mike got rebuked by just about everyone.

Caleb as Thomas O’Malley

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Well…my son, Caleb (10 years old) is on cloud nine right now.

Their school play this year is Aristocats.  He really wanted to play the part of Thomas O’Malley.  Today he found out that he got the part!  He is very excited.  Now I have to go watch the movie so I know what Aristocats is about.  Does Thomas O’Malley have to kiss any girls?