Champion Regardless of Scoreboard

Posted: January 8, 2010 in sports
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Last night was the final college football game of the season.  The BCS championship game between two undefeated teams (1) Alabama & (2) Texas.  I didn’t care much who won.  Not a huge fan of either team.  I went into it pulling for Alabama, but was willing to cheer on Texas to keep the game close and exciting (yea…my cheering is that powerful 🙂 ).  Well, until the 4th quarter (and even that I missed because I fell asleep) it wasn’t very exciting.  Colt McCoy, a Heisman candidate and outstanding star quarterback of Texas who was playing in his last college football game EVER…was hurt on the fifth play of the game.  He was forced to sit out.  Colt, and his dad, felt he could play.  With many kuddos to the Texas coach, he was unwilling to sacrifice Colt’s future with a certain NFL career to win the game.  Colt didn’t get to play his final game.  A CHAMPIONSHIP game.  But he rooted for his teammates.  And he handled the situation with grace, humility, and class.  I liked Colt McCoy going into the game.  I like him now even more.  He’s a champion, in spite of the score.

  1. Hey, Longhorn here. It was a sad game for us. I read that they made Colt throw a few passes to prove he was okay and he couldn’t do it. Poor guy. We’ll miss him and the strong message he sends. He’s not ashamed of the gospel, which pretty much makes him the greatest QB in the history of football. The end.

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