Sunday Highlights for 1.10.10

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Living Stones Church, vision, worship
  • Walked into the church this morning and new duct work was installed in the Quarry (our worship space) to try to better distribute the air (right now the vents are in the front and our thermostats are in the back…the result…freezing in the front when AC is on, and uneven temperatures when the heat is on).  Thank you to Bill Steele & the Building and Grounds team for their work!!
  • We lost half our band this morning (three out of six musicians)!!!!  Family emergencies or obligations.  Good job to the remaining three for carrying on!
  • It is freezing outside.  And in spite of it, saw our Greeters…OUTSIDE…greeting!!!
  • Loved Jeff Gritton’s communion comments.  My dad stole them and repeated them at 11:30 (he gave credit to Jeff…so no plagiarism) 🙂
  • Began a new series The Cost of LIVING.  This morning we talked about The Cost of Vision, or the cost of doing what God has called us to for 2010.
  • 5 / 9 / 12 are significant numbers for us.  If you don’t know why, check the podcast tomorrow.
  • Yes, I mentioned Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.
  1. Buffy Sue says:

    The Worship team did to a great job with only the three of them!

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