1.12.10 Biggest Loser

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

“We’re going to show you the road, but you are going to have to walk it.”  – “Dr. H”ulzinga

I should be repulsed to see what the contestants would eat in a day, but right now it looks good. 🙂  Don’t tell Jillian I said that.  Eat up Jillian.

Cheering for the rednecks of red team.

Maria on the balance beam is DOWN!!  Blood pouring out of her nose (also broke her finger, got a black eye).  Hey…let’s penalize her by giving her a 2 pound penalty.  Good job producers.  Maybe she can sue the show and win $250,000 instead of losing the weight.

As a hypochondriac who struggles with OCD, these health evaluations make me nervous.  I think my organs are being crushed as I’m watching this.  Is that my liver screaming?

We’ve been playing around with the most valuable things we have…our lives.”  – Sherry

  • Melissa (+1) & Lance (-8) – oh good thing you have immunity (hmmm…game play move….)
  • Sam (-9) & Koli (-8) [2.34%]
  • Ashley (-8) & Sherry (-5) [2.35%]
  • Migdalia (-4) & Miggy (-8) [2.52%]
  • Patti (-4) & Stephanie (-3) [1.5%]
  • Cheryl (-3) & Daris (-7) [1.89%]
  • John (-10) [2.17%]
  • Andrea (-5) & Darrell (-10) [2.25%]
  • Maria (-10) & Michael (-11) [2.5%] (with two-pound disadvantage)

Rough second week of weigh-ins.  Purple team fell behind the yellow line.

Dear Helen (Biggest Loser 7),

That is what a mother is supposed to say and do when it comes to the well-being of their daughter…not throw them off the side of the boat!!!!!


Patti going home.

She is doing good at home!!!

  1. Melissa says:

    This week’s Biggest Loser tears brought to you by Patti! She was so stinking proud of herself for crossing that balance beam it made me tear up a little. I had no pity for Maria. I wanted to punch her in the nose again for making all that fuss. Did you get a little taste of that mother/son dynamic and why Michael might end up single even if he’s a 200lb Adonis after this show? Jillian’s theatrics over the food made me want to punch her a little too. Huh, maybe I was a little cranky last night? I’m not usually a punchy kind of person. I’m curious to see if Melissa’s game playing comes back to haunt her later in the show. I’m starting to like Ashley. I’d like to see her go ninja on them too!

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