1.26.10 Biggest Loser

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

I’ve decided I’m rooting for Mike.  It’s sort of the same deal as being a Cubs fan.  He is the underdog; he is under attack; everyone else is outperforming him…but it triggers the “go-under-dog-go” string in my heart.  Go Cubs!  Go Mike!  (GET OUT!!!!…I just typed that and then during the challenge MIKE just referred to himself as the “Chicago Cubs”  – I’m like a psychic!!! (my family can testify to the honesty of my timing and comments!)

RED TEAM JUST WON IMMUNITY.  Third week in a row Melissa doesn’t have to lose weight if she doesn’t want to!!  They now have to hand out three huge penalties to three different teams.  They did a great job of figuring out who to give it to in the most relational-saving way possible.  (By the way…my least favorite team is the GREEN team.  I’m ready for Miggy and Migdalia to go home…TOTAL ATTITUDE!  Hello “chip-on-my-shoulder.”)

Who believes Lance & Melissa?  Are they lying, or are they seriously not “playing the game”? (My wife totally thinks they are lying and wants Jillian to rip them ‘a new one’ (my words not hers 🙂 !!)  Wow Melissa…that was a big swear…yikes!

I like that Sam & Koli.


Migdalia & Miggy below the yellow line.

Go home green!  Go home green.

Migdalia going home.  Should have sent mom home.  Get her attitude out of the  picture.

Final pictures…not impressed.

  1. Melissa says:

    Not only is Melissa a liar, she’s horrible actress. Not impressed with her at all. I was torn on the green team. Migdalia very much needs to have some sort of breakthrough, but I think they’re toxic to everyone else and should probably go home. I like Sam and Koli. And I like Daris. I think I’m rooting for Ashely though. I think if she came out of her shell a little more, she’d have you rolling on the ground. She is a funny girl! *sigh* I just love this show.

  2. Hi Sam! Eerie how we agree on so many things. I singled out Mike as my favorite early on. As far as “slacking”…if I weighed 470 pounds, I might need to take a breather now and then too!

    I talked about the “is Melissa lying” question on my blog today, as well as my opinion of the green team…I even have a suggestion for Biggest Loser producers that some people might think is mean, but I honestly don’t intend it to be!


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