Civil-War Era Beard

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Culture

I’m working on a civil-war era beard.  I’ve decided they are cool.  I’m trying to bring them back.  Whose with me?!?!  Ladies…this invitation is for you as well!! 🙂

  1. jennie365 says:

    Only if you were era appropriate clothing and volunteer in at least two Civil War reenactments. I have some ribbon, I’ll start working on your ties.

  2. sister says:

    Give me a few days of giving my tweezers a break and I am there.

  3. Kris B says:

    I was wondering what that thing was on your chin this past weekend! I’m gonna have to vote NO!

  4. alex says:

    YES, SAM, DO IT! That would be so awesome. If mine curled better, I would have started a long time ago. You have been talking about shaving your head for awhile. Shave the head and grow a beard.

  5. Julie C says:

    I think Kelly is entitled to some input here.

  6. Janelle says:

    No, no, no… there is not enough winter left to grow a beard like that. You’ll have to put the look on hold until fall. Summer beards = not cool.

  7. Edward says:

    Only if you forego cotton in favor of full wool attire!

  8. the wife says:

    What is your obsession with these long beards!!!!!!!!!!

  9. […] either one of those old school coal miners, or someone from an old war. Don’t believe me? Check this out. That’s Harden dead on. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I swear I am going to ask him […]

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