2.9.10 Biggest Loser

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

Contestants are going to Colorado to train at the USA Olympic training center.  NBC trying to create excitement for the Olympics that start in three days that they are coincidentally 🙂 broadcasting.  They are trying real hard to evoke an emotive response.  Not feeling it.  Bored.

Hey Speedy…I’m not doing those lunges during the commercial break!

Love watching the Biggest Loser contestants fall on the slide board.  The whole family is cheering with laughter as each one goes down (yea…we’re entertained by others’ pain).  Sam (gold medal).  Melissa (silver medal).  Sunshine (bronze medal).

O’Neal wins immunity this week.  Two are going home.

This Week’s Weigh-in:

  • O’Neal – (-8 lbs.) [2.4%]
  • Michael – (-11) [2.48%] (just missed the record for losing 100 lbs. in six weeks)
  • Stephanie – (-4) [1.78%]
  • Sunshine (-6) [2.45%]
  • Koli (-9) [2.69%]
  • Andrea (-7) [2.67%]
  • Darrell (-5) [1.46%]
  • Sam (-12) [3.87%]
  • Sherry (-3) [1.67%]
  • Ashley (-6) [1.89%]
  • Daris (-9) [3.18%] (highest percentage of weight loss thus far this season)
  • Cheryl (-3) [1.55%]
  • Miggy (-7) [3.4%] (she seems a lot happier with her daughter gone.)
  • Lance (-9) [2.87%]
  • Melissa (+1) [%]

Melissa fell below the red line.  She goes home immediately.  OK…maybe she has been telling the truth.  Explain it now Bob & Jillian…”I know the science.”  On the other hand – it seems she has a good-bye speech already prepared.  Did she plan this?  Is this the only way should could possibly win the $100,000 (?)

Below the yellow line: Darrell & Cheryl (that rhymes 🙂 )

No vote for Darrell and Cheryl!!  They are doing an elimination challenge (it’s like Survivor).  They have to eat glass.  Just kidding.  They have to balance a torch on their head (hmmm…just like Survivor).  “You have been at it for one minute” – Allison Sweeney (that made me laugh).


Did not like this episode (since I know the Biggest Loser Producers are reading my blog). 🙂

  1. The Bishop says:

    As with all reality shows, ennui eventually creeps in and criticism grows until, eventually, the show serves no entertainment purpose whatever. And then some TV exec in some plush office pulls the plug and it becomes history. However, spinoffs are definitely potential. “The Biggest Gainer” would feed (pun intended) America’s appetite for gluttony and self-destructive behavior and well as provide increasingly freakish entertainment. Thankfully, I’m not a network executive or I’d be calling my Mercedes dealer and ordering my new 2010 SLK-Class SLK55 AMG RWD 2-Dr Roadster V8 with a part of my bonus for such inspiring programming. (Disclaimer: I’ve never watched an episode of “Biggest Loser,” “Survivor,” “Dancing with the Surviving Loser,” or other reality-based TV shows. I have watched “COPS” and noted several relatives brief appearances.)

  2. Kneip says:

    Also frustrated with the “To be continued.” You just can’t do that on a two-hour show — people have invested serious time!

    My laugh of the night was early on, when one of the contestants was hungrily eyeing the dessert display at the Olympic center. Bob showed up, agreed that the desserts looked good, but then counseled her to take a piece of “Extra Sugar Free Gum,” because it’s only 5 calories as opposed to the 400 calorie dessert. [Contestant nods in agreement — yeah, right!] What do we see at the next commercial break? “The Biggest Loser is brought to you in part by Extra Sugar Free gum.” Nice…

  3. Scott says:

    My daughter and I watch the show, and we can DVR through it in 20 minutes. The manufactured drama, product placement and slow pace are painful. There is absolutely no need for two hours, except to fill the NBC schedule.

    And then, at the end of a two hour broadcast, it’s TO BE CONTINUED? Really?

    So, BL producers, know that the DVR makes the show bearable. Mostly.

    (Looking for a package of Stride gum…)

  4. anna says:

    bob is cute

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