Headed to Dallas

Posted: February 17, 2010 in conferences

I’m going to the land of Texas.  I’m about to drive to Chicago and catch a flight to Dallas to attend the C3 Conference (thanks, once again, to the generosity of Jim Counts, Sr.).

I’m looking forward to seeing the fashion that is on display with pastors in the land of Texas…the hair (I’m only jealous because mine is falling out and no amount of gel is going to disguise that); the shirts (rhinestone never goes out); the pants (I will verbally assault a dude if he is in his 40s, a pastor, and wearing “skinny jeans”); and the computers (which since I know have a Mac…I should be invited to the special luncheon).

It is a good time.  Even though I’m surrounded by 1000s for some reason I enjoy my time because I’m at ease to be surrounded by others, or to isolate myself and get some time to think and reflect.  I’m hoping to learn some things for the sake of the Living Stones Church (they have a multi-site breakout I plan on attending).  I hope to take good notes and eat delicious BBQ!!

  1. Buffy Sue says:

    I am sure that you will get some very good BBQ! Have a great time and a safe trip back to us!

  2. david says:

    what are skinny jeans?

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