Ladies – Don’t Marry a Jealous Man

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Doctrine, faith, marriage

Read Numbers 5:11-31.  Seriously.  Go do it!


Fair warning – don’t marry a guy who struggles with excessive jealousy.

Someday I’m going to preach a message series out of Leviticus and Numbers…just for my benefit!!!

I still have so much more to learn.

  1. jennie365 says:

    What is “numbers” exactly and why do you think it is titled this?

  2. Jenn – “Numbers” is the fourth book of the OT. It is the narrative of God dealing with his people through the leadership of Moses THOUSANDS of years ago. It is titled numbers because the first thing that happens in the book is God tells Moses to count the people of Israel (old skool census). I would guess the point is to show that God was faithful to his promise to Abraham (who couldn’t have kids at a very old age) that he would have A TON of descendants. And thus…Numbers.

  3. Doug says:


    The Greek title of the book is Arithmoi, the word from
    which our English word arithmetic is derived. Probably less
    damage would have been done if this word had been trans-
    literated, so that most English readers would simply take it
    as a meaningless title and look into the book to see what it

    The Hebrew title, “in the wilderness,” aptly describes
    the contents of this book, since it deals with the wilderness
    journey of the Israelites from Mt. Sinai to the borders of
    the promised land. It begins with the preparation for the
    journey; it goes on to tell of many interesting and impor-
    tant events along the way; finally, it describes the prepara-
    tions for entrance into Canaan itself.

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