It Could Be Worse

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Family

Sometimes when you are living in a terrible reality, you can’t imagine it being worse.

I have seen this often when it comes to those growing up without a father.  Those who have had to walk this path will often contend with pain and woundedness on a massive scale.  And in the pain, it is hard to imagine it could be worse.

But it can.

Growing up without a father is not the worst thing that can happen.  There is something even worse.  And that is growing up with a father that is physically and/or sexually abusive.

Mothers…don’t let the reality of your own pain growing up without a father cloud your judgment when it comes to the fact that it CAN be worse.  You must act in defense of your children!  Remaining in the situation so your children don’t live your experience of an absentee father is not the more benevolent course.  Absentee is to be preferred over abusive.

  1. Lorinda says:

    Having gone through this I say Amen.

  2. jennie365 says:

    I will never be so desperate for a man that I would sacrifice the safety and security of my own child. Never.

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