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OK…last night I went to the Bowman Creek Neighborhood Meeting.  I went with Bill Steele and Jim Ruth.  And I had…a BLAST!!!  SERIOUSLY!!  I would have never guessed.  It was at Riley High School (in the cafeteria…my favorite place) and it began at 5:30 p.m.  They mentioned something about ending at 8:30 p.m. and I thought, “I’m not sticking around here for three hours…[insert negative thoughts].”  And then it TOTALLY sucked me in!!!  We ended up talking in the parking lot until way past 9:00 p.m.

The city, through federal funding, is able to secure about 12 million dollars.  And, because of federal guidelines, the 12 million can’t be spent on just anything (because I have a lot of other ideas), but…it can be invested in improving the most impaired and polluted water way into the St. Joseph river – including the surrounding neighborhood (my excitement) – the Bowman Creek (I bet most people who live next to the Creek don’t even know they live on Bowman Creek.

So, that was the plan and the dreaming stage began last night.  And it was a blast.

There is another planning meeting in the cafeteria of Riley High School tomorrow, May 1st Saturday 9 a.m. – noon (including a walking tour).

Here at Living Stones Church we don’t do the language of “membership”.  It just didn’t work for us and it felt to consumeristic in assumption.  So, we moved to poker terms!!!  To declare your commitment to this community of faith, we say we are “All-In.” (now picture moving a stack of chips to the center of the table) 🙂

Over the past six months we have had 70 family units declare they were “All-In” at the Living Stones Church.  So, in an effort to no longer ignore when someone decides to be “All-In” (which is what we normally do – 😦 – that can’t be right can it?) we have decided to throw a reception!!

So – the very first ALL-Iners Reception is this coming Sunday, May 2nd @ 4:30 p.m. in the Rock Star room.

We will:

  • Raffle off some gifts…no seriously…you could actually win something by showing up!! (it isn’t a car or a house)
  • Play a large-group game where you will get to know other people (at least in a humorous and superficial fashion…and no…we aren’t playing Twister [we’re saving that for this year’s picnic 🙂 ])
  • Meet and hear from other leaders here at the Living Stones Church.
  • Give you an opportunity to hear more about direction of where we are headed in the near future as a church.
  • Provide opportunities for you to find avenues to plug into ministry.
  • And eat some delicious snacky (meaning both sweet…and salty) food!

So, if you have declared you are ALL-IN at the Living Stones Church over the past six(ish) months – see you Sunday @ 4:30 p.m.!!!

How cool is this?

The SouthEast Little League, because of our sponsorship of a minor league boy’s team, is having LIVING STONES CHURCH DAY at the Little League ballpark!!!

It is on May 18th @ 5:30 p.m. (game begins at 6:00 p.m.)

  • A representative from the church gets to throw out the first pitch.
  • The concession stand is offering a sponsor’s special.
  • And all throughout the evening they will be announcing the Living Stones Church through the P.A. system.

So – mark your calendars, throw on a green Living Stones Church t-shirt (if you have one) and join us for an evening at the Southeast Little League to cheer on the minor league Living Stones Church team!!

[thank you Jennifer Gregar]

Going to College?

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Are you going to college?  Are you about to send your kid to college?  Are you about to go into massive debt to do so.  You may want to consider some of Seth Godin’s thoughts in regards to the Coming Meltdown of Higher Education (as seen by a marketer).

Three stories.

Stories about transformation.

Stories about God’s power.

I know Sunday’s three stories.  I promise if you miss it, you WILL regret it.

Woke up this morning and came down stairs for breakfast.  Kelly asked me, “How was your sleep?”  I responded, “Great, but I went to bed wearing underwear and woke up without underwear and have no idea how or why (yea…I know…too much information).”  Unfortunately I said this in front of Caleb who was eating breakfast.  He started laughing and said, “I’m telling that to the kids in my class.”  I instructed him not to.  But based on the mischievous look, the little smirk on his face, and the gleam in his eye, I think he plans on ignoring my instruction.

So, if your kids come home and say something about this incident…I apologize.

Texas is so fat that they moved the show to Texas this week!!! *snicker* *giggle*  In 35 years, if current trends continue, 75% of Texans will be obese.

$10 billion is spent annually to treat obesity-related issues in Texas.  5 of the 10 most obese cities are in Texas.

That settles it.  There is no state in the Union that I will feel more comfortable and at home with than Texas.  I’m moving to Texas (again).

I’m five pounds from being away from my goal.  Is there something I can do to lose that five pounds?”  Bob – “poop.”  (just kidding)

Right now I’m hoping a calf eats a Biggest Loser contestant.

Abby is back!!  One of my favorite contestants.  Huge courage displayed by the girl in the high school to speak about her weight in front of the WHOLE school!!

Last chance workout…ouch.

Final weigh-in:

  • Koli:  – 1 (.38%) [good thing he had immunity]
  • Sam:  – 6 (2.44%)
  • Sunshine:  – 4 (2.09%)
  • O’Neal: – 5 (1.85%)
  • Michael:  – 15 (4.19%) [wow…] – Total loss so far – 183 lbs.
  • Daris:  – 5 (2.28%)
  • Ashley:  – 6 (2.36%)

Sunshine, I’m tired of the crying.  I like you.  But I’m ready for you, or O’Neal, or Sam to go home.  Sunshine…get it together.  It’s all good.

Dear Helen, listen to O’Neal.  You could use some tips on parenting from him.

Good-bye O’Neal.  You’re a class act.

Right on O’Neal.  You look great!!!!

Following our three-week message series on Dying for Change, we are now moving to a new three-week message series, entitled, I Am Second, that tells the stories of personal transformation. We will hear stories from Scripture, the church at large, and from within the Living Stones Church.  And let me tell you…the stories within LSC…you won’t want to miss them!!!  See you Sunday.  Bring a friend (or two…or seven…or 24…etc.)

Shame on the City

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Schools, South Bend

I think the worst neighborhoods in South Bend are directly across the street from Riley High School (towards the west) and the Studebaker Primary Center building.  Blight.  Abandoned.  Unsafe.  How could the city allow the entryways of our schools to look like that?  Shame.