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2010 Easter LSC

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Living Stones Church, vision

I know I’m five days late on an Easter posting, but for some strange reason I just wanted to wait.  A lot of hype on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. about Easter services.  I’m thankful for that, but something in me grows quiet in the midst of it (it must be my sinful rebellious nature 🙂 ).   Having said that, I didn’t want to say NOTHING and pretend it wasn’t ROCKING because of all the time and effort people put into the service.  So –

  • Thank you to Paco Bayer who risked life and limb to install a new video projector!! (our other one was old and had lost its brilliance…everything looked dark).  Thank you to Paco for running sound for us on Sunday.
  • Thank you to Doug Harsch for writing, filming, editing, and producing our introduction video.  Thank you for leading us Sunday in worship.
  • Thank you to the expanded LSC band who was simply amazing.  I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such energy in our worship.
  • Thank you to Karen, Chad, and Wally for covering the computer and lighting!
  • Thank you to Sky and Rachelle for your kick-butt reading as we began the service.
  • Thank you Christopher-Murphys for coming WAY early to prepare coffee for the morning.
  • Thank you Jennae Gee for designing the backdrops and single-handedly (literally) painting and installing them.  Thank you also for the message series design and participation on all elements for the morning.
  • Thank you 8:30 a.m. worshipers.  We had no idea what to expect.  We’ve never done three services.  And we’ve never done one at 8:30 a.m.  I worried I would be speaking to 20 people.  Thank you for showing up early.
  • Thank you 10:00 a.m. worshipers for what was electric in regards to passion and intensity.
  • Thank you 11:30 a.m. worshipers because after the 10:00 a.m. crowd, I worried no one would be at 11:30.  And then…you were the largest crowd of the morning.
  • Thank you ushers for a job well done.
  • Thank you to all of the 1st time guests who took a risk to come to the LSC for the very first time.  You helped us smash an attendance record by over 150 people!!! (interesting note: in 2006 we had 140 people on Easter total.  And we were ecstatic about it).  Yea…all in that one little church on Donmoyer (the one with a hallway that we call a “lobby”) 🙂  Take that Spring Break week!
  • Thank you to Matt Hooton for leading the children in worship for ALL three services.
  • Thank you Amy Osterhout for pulling off the largest attended service we’ve ever had in Kids Kanyon!  Really!!
  • Thank you to the volunteers all over the place who sacrificed and served as we celebrated Easter – 1st impressions, children, bulletin folders (thanks Memaw), communion preparers, etc.
  • Thank you Ann Lynn for contacting, coordinating, and organizing the morning.
  • Thank you postcard labelers for tackling 10,000 postcards!
  • Thank you Ann, Jennae, Jeff, and Doug for helping set the order of our worship.
  • Thank you to our elders, ministry leaders, and staff for your prayers, support, and enthusiasm as we take over the world. 🙂
  • Thank you Living Stones Church for the honor and privilege of getting to serve as your Pastor.  Lord willing, I desire to serve my entire life in ministry right here (I hope that isn’t bad news to all of you 🙂 )  [P.S.  when I finally do die (which I hope is a long time from now) I want to be laid “in state” in our pathetic lobby for a whole month] 🙂
  • To my wife, thank you for being gracious and understanding of my absence on Sunday  morning as you single-handedly take care of the kids.

Jesus…thank you for the promise of resurrection…now…and…future.

source:  MMI

oooh…Christian Broadcasting… 😦