My Son is a Cancer Survivor

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Family

Today is April 15th. For everyone else, this is tax deadline day.  For us, it is the day 12 years ago that we learned my now (almost) 14 year old son had cancer.  We had just come home from church and I was putting on his pajamas and tickling his belly and…there it was…a mass that clearly didn’t belong (hot flash over my entire body).

We went to the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center and within hours (thanks to a friend who ushered us past protocols and into immediate attention) learned he had Wilm’s Tumor, a form of kidney cancer.  Single worst moment of our lives.  Isaac wasn’t even two yet.

Two days later we were at Riley’s children’s hospital (I love that place by the way) where they removed his right kidney, and a few days after that he began a four month regime of chemotherapy.

What is crazy is that Isaac only found out about his history with cancer two weeks ago!!!  Really it was quite by accident.  Kelly and I were worried about how he would take it.  We wanted to tell him earlier, but no time seemed right.  We entered 2010 with the goal of telling him at some point.  And then, while I wasn’t even present, he found out as Kelly filled out paper work for a doctor’s appointment for him (you know…the kind where they ask you about your medical history).

I think he thought it was kind of cool.  And I think he wanted to tell everyone, except, almost everyone in his world already knew (yes…we all kept it a secret).  But, his younger brother and sister didn’t know.  So, he got to tell Caleb and Alex.

Twelve years ago today is the day.  And I date everything on it.  There is a pre-cancer life and post-cancer life.  But this I know, it is a day now that I can celebrate that God reached down from heaven and rescued my son.

He is a strong kid.  He is a cancer-suvivor.  I love you Isaac.

  1. Lorinda says:

    What a cool thing. God has much planned for him. BTW we love Riley also. I think when the van heads south on 31 it knows it’s time for a trip there.

  2. The Bishop says:

    God touched our family’s life in a big way that year. Driving home from Arkansas that night was a 12-hour prayer (followed by many more) that our God answered in a glorious way. He’s not only a survivor, he’s a thriver. I’m very proud of our little (not so much anymore) Isaac. He’s another gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Lori says:

    I know what a cool thing it is to be a survivor of kidney cancer. And I agree about how awesome Riley’s is. They took excellent care of my nephew when he had ewing’s scarcinoma. We almost lost him several times. He still makes trips back to Riley’s for chack ups.

  4. Kneip says:

    You are the man, Isaac! God made your body strong, and no amount of hair product can change that. 😉

  5. The Other Ed says:

    Isaac is a cool dude. And, as you know, we know what you mean by pre-cancer and post cancer years…we have our own pre and post and it is that ONE moment, that one event, that cnahges EVERYTHING!

    On a sidenote, he is doing well, not just because of God’s grace and glory, but because he was blessed to be born into a really AWESOME family…love you guys!

  6. The Cancer Survivor says:


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