Puppy Update

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

We’ve now had our new puppy, Josie, for a little over a week.

The excuse, “My dog ate my homework,” no longer seems so silly or implausible to me.  But she sure is cute!

What is up with:

  • The puppy eating her own poop (this is the closest to “deal breaker” as I come…with anyone…not just a puppy).
  • The puppy biting ALL the time.
  1. Melissa says:

    Wait until she throws up the poop she eats. There is nothing worse. Or she’s running around with something in her mouth, so you reach in to get it out, and it’s a cat turd. Or she eats an SOS pad and you’re having to pull pieces of it from her butt. Or she rolls in something dead and comes in the house smelling so bad it makes you gag. They’re gross, Sam. Dogs are gross. But so cute!

  2. Janelle says:

    Remember when everyone said, “SUCKER!” ???? Now you know why.

  3. Ann says:

    So sorry about the poop, that’s so gross especially when they want to give you a lick! Hopefully she will outgrow it, but maybe not, Seeger still likes to eat chicken poop and he is 8 yrs old.

  4. the other ed says:

    maybe the food you are feeding it tasted SO good, it HAS to try it again…

  5. sister says:

    Puppies usually grow out of the poop eating….their own poop anyways. They will always eat cat poop. It is like tootsie rolls to them. They will grow out of the biting too. Puppies are difficult. But once they grow out of it they can be your very best friend. Boy is she cute though.

  6. Jennae says:

    have you tried putting meat tenderizer on her food yet? I have no idea if this works, but someone told my sister to try it with her puppy…who also eats poop!

  7. Lori says:

    ummm…you do remember what toddlers are like? Everything goes in their mouths and comes out the other end lol. As for biting, Oh wait!!! Toddlers do that too lol. 🙂

    (This would be one reason why I don’t have a puppy. Or a toddler!!!)

  8. Kris B says:

    puppies play with each other by biting. They learn how hard to bite or not to by the other puppy’s reaction. Try saying “AT” loudly when she bites. Worked with Charlie!
    And she is ADORABLE!

  9. Doug says:

    In my experience, small dogs tend to chew on EVERYTHING until they are trained. (Except poop. That’s a new one.)

  10. Melissa says:

    Meat tenderizer doesn’t work. I’ve tried it.

  11. tina d says:

    Kris B. is right about the biting. Using a one word (I use “enough”) command will break them of it. Don’t scream at the puppy but have a firm, authoritative voice (that won’t be hard for you, Sam).
    As far as the eating the poop, it is a behavioral thing. Move the puppy away from the poop immediately. Keeping the poop picked up will help also.
    Good luck.

  12. K. Rex Butts says:

    What sort of dog breed?

    BTW…get the dog away from the poop and don’t let it eat it, lest you want the dog to develop a lifetime habbit of chowing down on… well, you will really have some bad doggy breath.

    Grace and peace,


  13. tiffany says:

    We have two boxers willow and buster douglas…they are close in age and drive us nuts a little over a year the both of them..and the chewing doesnt stop if buster gets board he will find whatever fits n his mouth but as long as somone is n the room he wont. He loves my shoes..mine only not jeremys im not sure why he like the heels maybe and my tennis shoes. Willow on the other hand if its paper its hers..something about the result of tons of little shredded paper on the floor appeals to her.. maybe the feeling of accomplishment..”look mom, see what i did today” I dnt know about the poop thing.. i will look for that answer if any one has answers on digging our girl willow is always making ne holes n the yard makes for an interesting time mowing the lawn walking..walking..down! n the hole i go!! she does it n e where..lol

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