4.27.10 Biggest Loser

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser, Uncategorized

Texas is so fat that they moved the show to Texas this week!!! *snicker* *giggle*  In 35 years, if current trends continue, 75% of Texans will be obese.

$10 billion is spent annually to treat obesity-related issues in Texas.  5 of the 10 most obese cities are in Texas.

That settles it.  There is no state in the Union that I will feel more comfortable and at home with than Texas.  I’m moving to Texas (again).

I’m five pounds from being away from my goal.  Is there something I can do to lose that five pounds?”  Bob – “poop.”  (just kidding)

Right now I’m hoping a calf eats a Biggest Loser contestant.

Abby is back!!  One of my favorite contestants.  Huge courage displayed by the girl in the high school to speak about her weight in front of the WHOLE school!!

Last chance workout…ouch.

Final weigh-in:

  • Koli:  – 1 (.38%) [good thing he had immunity]
  • Sam:  – 6 (2.44%)
  • Sunshine:  – 4 (2.09%)
  • O’Neal: – 5 (1.85%)
  • Michael:  – 15 (4.19%) [wow…] – Total loss so far – 183 lbs.
  • Daris:  – 5 (2.28%)
  • Ashley:  – 6 (2.36%)

Sunshine, I’m tired of the crying.  I like you.  But I’m ready for you, or O’Neal, or Sam to go home.  Sunshine…get it together.  It’s all good.

Dear Helen, listen to O’Neal.  You could use some tips on parenting from him.

Good-bye O’Neal.  You’re a class act.

Right on O’Neal.  You look great!!!!

  1. Kneip says:

    How America (or at least NBC) views Texas: cows (both statues and live), country music, and big skies (ok, at least the last one is right on). I bet they didn’t expect to be in parkas in Texas! 🙂

    Weigh-in comments: 1) Holy cow (get it?), Mike — 15 pounds?!? Awesome. 2) I agree — Sunshine looks like she’s about to fall apart at any moment. To stay healthy, she’s got to learn to deal with adversity — more like her dad, come to think of it. 3) Felt sorry for Ashley — couldn’t celebrate her 6 pounds, nor the fact that she went under 250 — because of the family drama.

  2. Melissa says:

    Sam, Helen was a couple seasons ago. You’ve got to move on, Buddy.

    I like Daris. No drama, no silliness, he just keeps working hard.

    The Jillian pep talk made me want to gag. Sometimes I think she’s genuine, but most of the time it feels so scripted. I’d like to see pictures of her as an overweight kid, because I’m not buying it. And Dear Overweight High School Girl: You were really brave. I’m still mad at Brandon who called me “Blubber” in the 6th grade, so believe me I get it. But don’t let a five minute chat with a pseudo-celebrity be one of the best moments of your life. It’s not real. You are so much more than that and capable of so much more. Find the you inside of yourself and do something real with her.

  3. That map you posted is pretty accurate. This episode grated on my nerves because NOT EVERYONE IN TEXAS IS OBESE. Thank you very much.

    To Melissa up there- I agree that Jillian very often sounds scripted. But in no way is she a “pseudo-celebrity” and I would be THRILLED if that high school girl changed her life because of that quick chat. It may not be real to you, but it was real to her.

    TIRED of Sunshine and O’Neal.

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