ALL-INers Reception

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Leadership, Living Stones Church, Uncategorized, vision

Here at Living Stones Church we don’t do the language of “membership”.  It just didn’t work for us and it felt to consumeristic in assumption.  So, we moved to poker terms!!!  To declare your commitment to this community of faith, we say we are “All-In.” (now picture moving a stack of chips to the center of the table) 🙂

Over the past six months we have had 70 family units declare they were “All-In” at the Living Stones Church.  So, in an effort to no longer ignore when someone decides to be “All-In” (which is what we normally do – 😦 – that can’t be right can it?) we have decided to throw a reception!!

So – the very first ALL-Iners Reception is this coming Sunday, May 2nd @ 4:30 p.m. in the Rock Star room.

We will:

  • Raffle off some gifts…no seriously…you could actually win something by showing up!! (it isn’t a car or a house)
  • Play a large-group game where you will get to know other people (at least in a humorous and superficial fashion…and no…we aren’t playing Twister [we’re saving that for this year’s picnic 🙂 ])
  • Meet and hear from other leaders here at the Living Stones Church.
  • Give you an opportunity to hear more about direction of where we are headed in the near future as a church.
  • Provide opportunities for you to find avenues to plug into ministry.
  • And eat some delicious snacky (meaning both sweet…and salty) food!

So, if you have declared you are ALL-IN at the Living Stones Church over the past six(ish) months – see you Sunday @ 4:30 p.m.!!!

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