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Proud of you kid!

My honor roll kid can beat up your honor kid 🙂

Kelly sent me pictures this morning of Isaac’s school, Elkhart Christian Academy.  Apparently during the night the Senior class (who has not confessed) t-peed the ENTIRE school.  She said it looked like it had snowed.  Aahhh…the pranks of youngsters.  I don’t know if the Seniors have school today, but if I were the Principal, I know what they would be doing at school today.

Seth Godin published on his blog this morning the most brilliant idea for meetings I’ve ever heard of.  Brilliant.

It involves an iPad application (yes…Apple’s ability to capture the imagination and push the borders of their empire [see my sermon from Sunday]) and I think it is genius.

You can read about it here.

After today I will have:

  • a son in High School
  • a son in Middle School
  • and a daughter in the 3rd grade of Primary School

Now, I will sit in my office for the rest of the day listening to and singing Sunrise, Sunset while consoling myself with masculine weeping.

I said it on March 17th…and I say it again…Crystal Bowersox will win the whole thing.

The new Darisamazing!!  (Man I love this show!!)  He is a good looking guy! (I mean that in a purely masculine way 🙂 )  Look at Daris’ girlfriend!!  Smokin’  Well done sir.  Well done.

If you eat dinner at 5:30 p.m. and stay up until 3:30 a.m. – you’re going to get hungry.”

The new Koli – looks good dude…I could do without the screaming though…seriously.

And the winner of America’s vote is – DARIS!!!

The reason, in my humble opinion, because America can relate to a 2 lb. gain and the admission of sabotaging and struggles at night!

Eric…season 3 winner…lost 150 lbs. (of the weight he gained back).  Looking good!

Shay…$1000 for every pound she lost…she has lost…52 lbs.  That is $52,000.  A lot of money…but I would have predicted more.  Jared from Subway is on the show!!!!!!!  Wait…the check is blank, Shay & Jared are going to train for a marathon and if they complete it, they will double the check – $104,000!  Eat fresh.

Maria…man…she’s a hot mom!! Not as hot as my wife, but she looks great. 🙂 [um…I just went to get a Coke Zero and when I came back…this was added to my post…hmm…who could it have been?]

Final Weigh-In for Eliminated Contestants:

  • Cherita:  starting weight: 277 / Current weight: 186  ( -91 lbs. -32.85%)
  • Victoria:  starting weight: 358 / Current weight: 222  (-136 lbs.  -37.99%)
  • Sherry:  starting weight: 218 / Current weight: 119 (-99 lbs.  -45.44%)  [she looks like Helen…and she needs a haircut]
  • Maria:  starting weight: 281 / Current weight: 167  (-114 lbs.  -40.57%)
  • Patti:  starting weight: 243 / Current weight: 170  (-73 lbs. -30.04%)
  • Stephanie:  starting weight: 264 / Current weight: 165   (-99 lbs. -37.50%)
  • James:  starting weight: 485 / Current weight: 357  (-128 lbs. -26.39%) [would not have guessed that]
  • John:  starting weight: 484 / Current weight: 335  (-149 lbs. – 30.79%)
  • Melissa:  starting weight: 233 / Current weight: 143 (-90 lbs. -38.63%) [still don’t believe her…”it was never about the money…” whatever…OK…get off the scale!!!
  • Lance:  starting weight: 365 / Current weight: 237  (-128 lbs.  -35.07%)
  • Migdalia:  starting weight: 265 / Current weight: 213  (-52 lbs. -19.62%)
  • Miggy: starting weight: 240 / Current weight: 149 (-91 lbs. -37.92%)
  • O’Neal:  starting weight: 389 / Current weight: 230 (-159 lbs. 43.87- %)
  • Sunshine:  starting weight: 275 / Current weight: 161  (-114 lbs. -41.45%)
  • Darrell:  starting weight: 413 / Current weight: 224  (-189 lbs. -45.76%)  [wow!!!  he did great!!!]
  • Andrea:  starting weight: 298 / Current weight: 214  (-84 lbs. -28.19%)
  • Cheryl:  starting weight: 227 / Current weight: 151  (-76 lbs. -33.48%)
  • Sam:  starting weight: 372 / Current weight: 230  (-142 lbs. -38.17%)
  • Koli:  starting weight: 403 / Current weight: 188  (-215 lbs. -53.35%)

KOLI wins the $100,000!!!!! Easily.  215 lbs. is awesome!!!  He is acting weird.

Three Finalist Final Weigh-In:

Daris:  starting weight: 346 / current weight: 178 (-168 lbs. -48.55%)

Ashley: [AMAZING] starting weight: 374 / current weight: 191 (-183 lbs. -48.93%)

Michael:  [WOW!!!!!!  THAT DUDE WAS OVER 500!!!] starting weight: 526 / current weight: 262  (-264 lbs. -50.91%)

I thought the rose was going to be for Ashley.  I think Michael & Ashley are really in love.  Just admit it already!!  🙂


(sidenote:  Koli would have won the whole thing by % if he had not been voted out by America)

Just the Black Notes

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Jennae Gee, we have launched a new Living Stones Church website!!

Check it out:

  • Reflected yesterday before we began services how many people were involved this week in making our worship services happen…it was a lot of people.  I’m hesitant to even name names for fear I’ll forget someone (my thoughts were triggered by Bill Steele who was at the building by 7:00 a.m. cleaning off walks, taking care of odds and ends.
  • Thank you to Sky Medors for putting together our picture/video presentation.
  • We had a FULL-HOUSE.  It was a record non-Easter attendance.
  • It was split numerically almost 50/50 between the 9:30 & 11:30 services.
  • At 9:30 a.m. we only had 14 parking spots available in our parking lot (can you say…we need a third service?).
  • Dedicated 27 children from 20 different family units yesterday.  They are the cutest kids in the history of any church at any time!!  🙂
  • Lots of family and friends…welcome to LSC.
  • Apologies to Manny Navarro and family…we forgot the picture they turned in for the video…I will correct this Sunday!!!  Sorry Manny!!

(only thing girls find hotter than a dude driving a mini-van…is a dude driving a church van…true dat) 🙂