5.4.10 Biggest Loser

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

MAKEOVER WEEK!!! I’ve never looked forward to makeover week more on this season’s Biggest Loser.  And I have Mike, Daris, and Koli to thank for that!  They are needing some serious help.

I would like to see what Jonathan Antin would do with my hair.  Anyone can work with a mop like Mike’s.  My hair would be a challenge!! 🙂

Sam – dude…you can go home.  You’re done.  You did it.  Congratulations.

Daris looks TOTALLY different!! WOW!  So much better.

Michael – looking good dude.  Hair is so much better.  Sweet moment with the sister.

[Back to work]

Challenge is on Jacob’s Ladder suspended over a pool.  They fell in this order:  Ashley (1 pound disadvantage for falling first), Mike, Sunshine, Sam, [after 2:30:14] Daris, Koli (winner with 1 pound advantage).

Last chance workout:  Daris is the man!  Not a single complaint.  Not a groan.  No whining.  Just getting it done.  Impressive.

Final Weigh-in:

  • Koli:  – 15 (6.18%) CRAP!!  WOW!
  • Michael: – 9 (2.62%)
  • Daris:  – 9 (4.21%)
  • Sunshine:  – 9 (4.81%)
  • Sam:  – 2 (.83%)
  • Ashley:  – 10 (3.63%)

Come on dudes.  Don’t send Mike home.  Sam is done!!  He has done it.  Mike – great speech.

BOOOO!!  I’ve now turned on you Sunshine!!  Go cry yourself home to dad.

Thankfully – Daris & Ashley made the right decision.  Tie.  In the event of a tie, lowest percentage goes home.  Sam is going home.

But dude…Great job!!!!

Who doesn’t want a case of the Sam’s?

  1. Kneip says:

    I agree — Sam is done. But I thought they might leave him in for game reasons — he’s not a threat in the Final Four, because he just doesn’t have hardly anything left to lose. As it is, I seriously think Mike might win — if he can keep working, he’s not going to hit that wall anytime soon.

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