5.18.10 Biggest Loser

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This is the next to the last show.  So, it is largely sentimental in nature.  It spends a lot of time taking a look back at the four remaining contestants (Koli, Daris, Ashley, and Michael) and their journey on Biggest Loser.  It also shows footage of them back home for a month and how they cope with the continued journey of losing weight and being back in their home environments.

It is amazing!

By the end of the season the physical transformation of the contestants is simply stunning.  Michael has set a record of losing 204 lbs. on the ranch in the past five months.  Put your head around that!!  204 lbs. in five months time!!

They are also given their final challenge – they will complete a marathon!

Daris is the man by running the marathon in what looks like ease.  He completes it in four hours and two minutes.  The dude weighed over 340 lbs. just months ago and RAN a marathon (26 miles) in just over four hours!!!  Unbelievable.

Koli completes it in just over 6 hours; Ashley and Michael at 6 1/2 hours.  Incredible.

Along the way they had former contestants show up and run a leg of the marathon with them.

Does anyone else get discouraged when they see former contestants and it looks like they put back on significant weight?  Besides Allie, it looks like it is the order of things.  All of the former contestants looked heavier.

Final weigh-in (from a month at being at home):

Michael slams it with losing 29 pounds.  Koli and Ashley, lose just over 10 (still respectable), and Daris…stunningly GAINS 2 pounds.

So, Michael and Ashley are safe (above the yellow line).  America now votes between Koli and Daris for who should be in the final weigh-in and competition for $250,000.

After Daris’ weigh-in, he tried to justify it by saying that he was in race mode, not weight-loss mode.  That set off a firestorm in Bob and Jillian who wasn’t believing it at all.  Running equals weight-loss.  You can’t run that much and not lose weight unless…HELLO…food!!  Jillian suggested that he sabotaged himself.

In the end, Daris confessed that he did good [eating] all day but then at night couldn’t keep it together.  Never have I identified more with a Biggest Loser contestant.  What is it about the evening?  Boredom?  The lack of distraction from the day?

So now, America votes. Koli vs. Daris.  You can vote here.  I’m voting for Daris.  I like Koli.  I have absolutely nothing against Koli.  I have just appreciated Daris’ hard work and determination with very little fanfare, complaint, or excuse.  So, I hope he gets in the final three.

But I think the winner will come down to a neck and neck battle between Michael and Ashley.

  1. Dennis says:

    I think you’re right. Daris will get the vote, but will NOT be able to lose enough weight to get the overall percentage. Then it’ll come down to Michael and Ashley. Michael has the drive, the muscle to burn and the support to get it done. He will be the winner by a slim margin over Ashley. If Koli had got the vote, he would’ve had the better numbers and could have won. He may still get the at home prize.

  2. twistedgiraffe says:

    I agree that Daris will get the vote! I voted for him. I am not a big fan of Koli; I have nothing against him, but I identify with Michael, Ashley and Daris. Watching Daris struggle at night when he was at home really resonated with me as well.

    I honestly don’t have a preference on who wins. I have really liked the majority of the contestants this season…with the exception of Melissa. I admire how they banded together and were supportive of one another!

    I find myself thinking that if a man who weighed 526 pounds just mere months ago can run a marathon, why I am just sitting here? I have far less to lose than the average constestant.

    One thing is for sure: I will really miss the show during the summer. I hope that I can replace it with Jillian’s new show!

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