Posted: May 20, 2010 in Politics, Uncategorized

The news here in Northern Indiana is covering Rep. Mark Souder (R) and his stepping down from office because he had an affair with a part-time staffer.

By the grace of God go I.  Meaning, I’m not above an affair.  I’m just not.  It sucks even writing that.  But, people who are more godly, spiritual, disciplined, intelligent, etc. than me have fallen.  So, I live by God’s grace and trust that he will protect me, my marriage, my family, the LSC, and others from myself (yes…from myself).  And the moment I think I’m somehow above an affair will probably be my most vulnerable moment to one.

But I have to tell you it really gets old to see so many “pro-family;” “family values;” “conservative Christians,” blah, blah, blah politicians who talk a big game, but then…

Here’s one now…an interview on ABSTINANCE EDUCATION with the woman in whom he has had an affair.  Um…Awkward!

Maybe instead of blasting everyone (and I mean that in the form of legislation, lobbying, preaching, lecturing, etc.) we should live quiet lives that seek to be holy before God.  It would just avoid in the end all the needless accusations of hypocrisy.

  1. Carl says:

    Or what about being transparent with accountability? It’s never a good idea to get so much power people won’t challenge you. Also, Souder admitted that the job was too burdensome to allow time for church or family.

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