Colossians and Child Dedication

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Children's Ministry, Living Stones Church, Preaching, Uncategorized, worship

Sunday we continue our series – Is Jesus Really All I Need:  A study of Colossians.  We will pick up with my favorite poem in the New Testament – Colossians 1:15-20 (unfortunately it is a poem that doesn’t rhyme…nor does it start off with “roses are red and violets are blue”…but I love it nonetheless 🙂 ).

Just a reminder that I encouraged everyone to read the entire letter of Colossians each week.  Easy feat.  It is only four chapters!

In addition – we are dedicating 27 children this Sunday to the Lord.  Join us as we celebrate their lives, along with their parents and families, and take promises to help these families in the task of producing mature followers of Jesus (what?!  Another major theme in the letter to the Colossians!!)

I did say it was a LSC child dedication didn't I?


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