I Have a 14 Year Old

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Family

Today is my firstborn son’s birthday!!  He is 14 years old.  He has bigger feet than me.  He is taller than me.  He has more hair than me.  He is better looking than me.  And yet…I still let him live and continue to love him. 🙂  Happy Birthday Isaac.  I love you and I’m VERY proud of you.  You are our joy and laughter.

Facts about Isaac:

  • He hates gum (especially mint).  Like he freaks out if anyone chews it in front of him.
  • He gets along well with his little brother and sister.
  • He is good with our new puppy.
  • He has an excellent shot in basketball. (He did not get this from his father)
  • He a 12-year cancer survivor.
  • He never procrastinates, except when it comes to mowing the yard.
  • He loves video games…and reading reviews of video games on the computer.
  • He doesn’t drink soft drinks…ever.
  • He is an excellent drummer.
  • He is talented at filming and producing videos.
  • He can memorize something faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.
  • He has a high level of compassion for people who are hurting.
  • He likes the Cubs and Notre Dame…just as I taught him.
  • He drops and spills more things than anyone I’ve ever seen!!! 🙂
  • He likes strawberry pop-tarts.
  • He has a little OCD (probably from his father).  He won’t sit on a movie theater seat that appears “stained.”
  • He broke his finger once.  We didn’t believe it was broken.  Turns out…it was.  Then it was too late to do anything about it.  Sorry kid.
  • His favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.
  • He isn’t a picky eater.
  • His middle name is Samuel (how cool is that?)
  • He is a HUGE Beatles fan.  He knows all their songs and a ton of trivia about the band.
  1. Julia Circle says:

    His personal traits sound like half Kelly, half Sam, which equals all Caleb.Thank you lord for Caleb!

  2. He probably drops things because one time he broke his finger and his parents didn’t believe him and now it’s all jacked up. So really, the dropping things? It’s your fault!

  3. The Bishop says:

    14 years ago today I got a call from Texas telling me that I was a grandpa. It was an awesome feeling. This kid continues to make me very proud. I can’t wait to see what he does in the next 14 years. Happy Birthday, Isaac. I love you.

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