Wrong Way

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

This afternoon I was driving north on Lafayette, which is a ONE WAY street, and headed towards me was an older lady in a gold car.  She was headed in the wrong direction and encountering oncoming traffic just released from a stoplight!  As I swerved around her I could tell that she was totally confused and she looked at me and thought – “You’re an idiot” (that would be correct…but I was at least headed in the right direction).  As I look out my rear view mirror I see all sorts of cars swerving around her and she just keeps moving – totally confused and paralyzed by the situation.

I will confess…I thought it was funny (I’ve done that too).  BUT…I also know it is sad.  And then it became a living illustration.  People in life clearly headed the wrong way.  And as they pass they look at you as if you’re the idiot.  Yet, they are the ones who are creating chaos and fear…causing others to emotionally steer out-of-the-way of an oncoming collision!  I know.  I’ve made some wrong turns myself.

Read the signs.  God has them everywhere.  I bet there might even be one on your coffee-table. 🙂


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