The Mysteries of the Afterlife Revealed

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Doctrine, faith, Living Stones Church, Preaching
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If you missed Sunday’s message STOP what you are doing and go right here right now and listen to it!!

This past Sunday we began a two-week message series entitled The End:  Exploring Life after Death.  I believe there are two great acts involved in the afterlife.  Week one was about Act 1 – what happens immediately after death (including a conversation about hell, purgatory, communicating with the dead, the confusion among religions…and especially the confusion that exists just among Bible-believing Christians).  This Sunday is Act 2 – Life…after life after death.  I’m excited!  I’m talking resurrection, glorification, new bodily existence, new heaven/new earth, and the affirmation that what we are doing HERE AND NOW for God is not in vain but will continue on for eternity!!

So…if you ever wanted to know what happens after death.  Listen to the podcast and show up Sunday and I’ll tell you!  All of your questions answered and the great mysteries of the afterlife solved!! Yea…I’m a genius like that! 🙂


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