LSC Picnic @ Rum Village Park

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Living Stones Church

Just a reminder that we are having a HUGE picnic this Sunday @ 4:00 p.m. at Rum Village Park.  We have reserved all three of the pavilions at the park and plan on having a BLAST!

We will have icebreaker games that are sure to make you laugh (like last year’s picnic where we discovered how many LSCers have been arrested), food, games, relays!!

Bring everyone you know!

In addition, bring either a main dish and a 2 liter or two side dishes and a 2 liter.  FOOD IS IMPORTANT AT PICNICS so bring enough in quantity that seems like it could feed your family and we will enjoy a great bounty of food!!!

Other things to bring:  bug spray, lawn chair/blankets, any recreational items you might want – bikes, frisbees, baseball glove, etc.

See you there!!

A few shots from last years picnic:


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