The Family Meeting

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Family

We needed a family meeting last night.  Lots of changes going on.  Kelly started substitute teaching yesterday.  She got a call at 6:30 a.m.  We had discussed her substitute teaching, but what we didn’t discuss was how in the world we were going to get three kids to school, etc. as she does it.  So, yesterday morning was complete chaos.  Caleb took the longest shower of life and took up all the hot water.  Breakfasts, lunches, getting dressed, normal drama of kids fighting, etc.

So, we sat down last night to discuss new routines and family patterns.  Alex, my 8 year old, loves family meetings.  It is a little weird how much she likes them.

So, I start laying it out:

  1. No more going out to eat.  August was ridiculous (I did the bills last night).  I’m not sure who said it, but there is some saying about when we say, “Time to eat” everyone heads to the van.  That is true.  And my kids don’t want McDonalds or Burger King – they want Outback & Olive Garden (I don’t know who taught them that).
  2. Five people can’t shower in the morning.  Caleb can’t take a 25 minute shower.  Tried to decide who is getting up when, who was showering, and in which bathroom.
  3. Discussed breakfast and who was responsible for what.
  4. Chore charts.
  5. Bedtime routines.

And there was a lot more!  I waxed eloquently about how things were going to start going down.

And then Alex, my eight year old, raised her hand and said, “We have these meetings and you say all these things and then three days later it is back to the way it was.  Is this going to be like one of those?

Alex is now grounded.

  1. david says:

    Sage insight that one has.

  2. Jim says:

    Dude, taper down on the going out to eat! Cutting it cold turkey is a sure way for Alex’s prophecy to come true!

  3. Melissa says:

    I pity you when she’s 16 if she’s already that brilliant at 8.

  4. K. Rex Butts says:

    About the long shower thing…my dad was notorious for finding the hot-water cut-off switch in the basement. There is something about the threat of sudden ice cold water that motivated me to make my showers short and sweet :-).

    Grace and peace,


  5. Lorinda Wallin says:

    Can you really ground her if she’s right? That’s KiKi’s arguement.

  6. Janelle says:

    Can I borrow her for the next shop meeting at work?

  7. the other ed says:

    IT is one thing if they are smarter than you…but they can never know it. Emily already knows she is smarter than us, and she has become a force for evil

  8. gail says:

    regarding #1. please see twitter comments from 3 day ago and 6 days ago…
    (let’s just say i was just like alex as a child.)

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