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LSC Picnic 2010 Revisited

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Living Stones Church

(this is a little late in coming)

Had a good time last Sunday afternoon at our annual LSC picnic.  This year we had it at Rum Village Park.  I liked Rum Village.  I wish it had a little more open green space, but overall, I liked our location.  I’m curious what other LivingStoners thought about Rum Village in comparison to Potato Creek or St. Pat’s Park (feel free to comment).

Good turnout.  Plenty of food.  Plenty of bees 🙂

Opened with an icebreaker game.  Learned who has totaled a car; is missing an organ; has ever been handcuffed; has ever run over an animal with their car; and who has ever been abruptly fired from a job.  I’ve got all the cards and are noting who is in what category! 🙂

Huge THANK YOU to Ann Lynn for coordinating and preparing EVERYTHING for the picnic!!!

For those who were looking to get out of relays…you can thank the Holsteins.  I understand several have already thanked them for sacrificing their daughter’s skull so that we could get out of relay races!

Just for those who are curious – Little Melody is doing just fine.  She ended up needing 4 internal stitches and 17 external stitches.  That will teach Randy Templeton for tackling three year olds in our football game!  Just kidding.  It was a swing set accident.  Much thanks to Brian Rydwelski & Jessie Vardaman who stepped in in the midst of blood and anxiety and brought calm and expertise before the EMT trucks got there.  And thank you to so many others who stepped in to loan a cell phone, help the Holsteins with attending to other Holstein children, flagging down EMT trucks, or communicating encouragement and peace.

Little Melody Post-Stitches

Fire Trucks to the Rescue!

Here are some pictures from the picnic: