Passion Is Not Enough

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Politics, Preaching

[ has this video and point on its website]

If I were going to vote for this guy, after this meeting and speech, I would change my mind.  It is good to be passionate.  But it is not enough.  And if it seems out of proportion to the content…it just looks absurd.  I’m scared of this guy. 🙂

He may want to review some of his “communication notes” from the Master’s program he said he completed.

and in good mocking fashion now available to us today – a spoof of the original (William Wallace he is not)

  1. Jim says:

    Holy frijoles, Batman. He comes across as disturbed!

  2. The Bishop says:

    He reminds me of the episode of “The Office” where Dwight Shrute was awarded “Salesman of the Year” and he gave a rousing acceptance speech. Same passion; same emptiness.

  3. the other Ed's wife... says:

    Wow, I can understand passion, I have passion for several things in my life….let me repeat this so we are clear……..I can understand passion, I have passion for several things in my life.

    But this guy is like 48 hours mysteries crazy and probably the reason I will never vote Republican ( sorry Bishop, I hope we remain friends).

  4. sister says:

    Holy stinkin’ crap. This guy is nuts! I thought the same thing Dad. It reminded me of Dwight right away. He just needed to start pounding his shoe on the podium and it would have been great. Ed….there are as many democraps that are just as crazy. Think Howard Dean and Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi…etc.

  5. CaRlA says:

    This guy upset my stomach……had a true physical reaction – please don’t invite him to an open forum at LSC!

  6. Julia Circle says:

    Oh my…

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