Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

OK…sorry to just vent this morning…but I’m lodging a complaint.

THE MCDONALD’S ON MIAMI RD. IS THE WORST MCDONALD’S IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!! (how did you like my use of hyperbole?)  I’m not kidding when I say that more often than not my experience at that McDonald’s is terrible.  Miserable service, messed up the order, etc.  Especially if you go into the lobby.  They take four orders at a time and keep moving you down without filling the order!

Today (and maybe it was God’s way of saying, “Quit eating McDonalds“) I wanted to run through the drive-thru.  Long line.  But I wait.  When I finally got to order, they told me they could only take cash.  I get it.  Things happen.  But why would you make your customers wait in a long line and THEN tell them that.  So, I actually called the McDonalds to complain (great…I’ve turned into one of those people…but I didn’t cuss).

NOW to the opposite extreme.  THE MCDONALDS ON MICHIGAN & CALVERT IS THE BEST MCDONALDS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  They are awesome.  Great service.  Fast.  And they are in the process of a new remodel.

Dear Owners of McDonalds,

Please demolish the Miami St. McDonalds and start over again.  And hire the managers at the Michigan/Calvert location.

Thank you.


  1. david says:

    Me thinks you need to watch “Supersize Me” sometime.
    That would probably take care of the whole problem.

  2. Melissa says:

    You could also try the McD’s on McKinley. It will make the one on Miami seem wonderful by comparison.

  3. Lorinda Wallin says:

    Okay, we have a family of 5. I get it-it’s a large order and everyone wants different things. but please don’t screw my order up one more time or I will just start going to BK all the time. As you know, it’s right around the corner. Thank you, Lorinda

  4. Lori says:

    The McD’s in Edwardsburg is really nice. They have a good manager, they are NOT part of the corporate chains in northern Indiana and they have both diet coke AND caffine free diet coke. The McD’s by our house in Florida sucks too. Luckily there is a Hardees just up the street right by the church we have started going to. Gotta love a country fried pork chop sandwich with gravy 🙂

  5. Ed says:

    As somewhat of a local traveler, I have had the (mis)fortune to sample the fares are pretty much EVERY local McDs (although P90X and diet changes have nearly successfully weaned me off of McDs as a whole), so I know about most of them around here.

    I agree with the Miami assessment, ESPECIALLY inside. This has got to be by volume one of the busiest in the local Sparks family fold, so why this has not been remodeled, and why the speed lacks is beyond me. But I agree.

    McKinley IS pretty slow… drive thru even more so as mentioned.

    LWE seems to be a consistent quick pace, two drive thrus aside. Well run.

    N. Michigan by Memorial is also pretty busy but yet is very hit or miss with speeds…

    In short, I’d still suggest giving it up!

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