What’s In Your Lobby?

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Church

So I went to a minister’s meeting for prayer and Bible Study this morning (we have one twice a month).  Different churches host the event.  So I walked into this morning’s host church (who will remain nameless on this blog…and…I do love them).  BUT (could you feel that coming?)…

When I walked into their main lobby, there was a bulletin board and attached to it was a poster of MRSA with REAL pictures of the infection!!!  I thought, “WHAT?!?!?!”

Jesus Protecting a Little Girl From MRSA 🙂

OK…from someone who is OCD and has hypochondria, if I had walked into this church for the first time as a guest on Sunday  morning I would think – “What in the world is going on in this church that they have to put up posters warning of MRSA?!!?”

Note to self:

  • Don’t shake hands with the greeters.
  • Do not take communion from a shared plate or cup.
  • Carry hand-sanitizer at all times.
  • Don’t touch any door knobs.
  • Look for latex gloves to wear during the service.

And then, around the corner was another bulletin board.  It was simply the “Whatever” bulletin board.  It struck me funny, as the use of “whatever” has now come to mean – “I don’t care…”  (picture you telling your teenager to clean their room…and them responding, “whatever.”

You Need Prayer?...Whatever. j/k

It is an actual ministry taken from Philippians 4:8.  But if we, the Living Stones Church put a “Whatever” board out in the lobby, attached to it would be notes that said…

  • “Your sermon was 15 minutes over the allotted time…whatever!”
  • “We sang that song three weeks in a row…whatever!”
  • “We heard you wanted us to give more money for a…whatever!”
  • “You ran out of coffee at the 9:30 service…whatever!” 🙂

Now that I’m thinking about it…I like the idea of a Whatever Board!

  1. the wife says:


  2. jennie365 says:

    MRSA is serious business. I’m sending you pamphlets. I think I will also send you random pamphlets concerning various diseases and watch as the power of suggestion takes over.

    Woah dude, what’s the bump on your neck?

  3. Lori says:

    Had to do a consult with a patient who had mersa. Needless to say, I went in with gown and gloves on and when I left, I took a bath in sanitizer 🙂

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