Monroe Rededication Ceremony

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Living Stones Church, Schools, South Bend

This morning Monroe Primary Center had their big Rededication Ceremony.  I was asked to give the Invocation AND Benediction.  It was quite an honor for me.  The first thing they did was rush me to a conference room where I sat with the Superintendent of schools, almost the entire school board (I know…here was my chance right…I have a few issues I would like to discuss), city government dignitaries, Architects, and me (can you say, “Which one doesn’t belong?”).  It was a great ceremony.  In the program there is a “Special Thanks To:” section.  The Living Stones Church got a shout out in that section!!!  It was sweet.  Here is a picture taken during the program.  I’m the goofy one all the way to the left (the one not wearing a tie & obviously distracted by something shiny to the left):

The reason I didn’t wear a tie is because Principal VanDriessche & Sharon Gilbert had a shirt made for me!!  My own Monroe shirt with my name embroidered in it!!  YES!!!  I’m beaming with pride in it!

  1. Buffy says:

    That is SO cool!

  2. Kneip says:

    That shirt rocks, brotha.

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