Is South Bend Tribune Anti-South Bend Schools?

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Schools, South Bend

At a town hall meeting last night between the three candidates for District 2 School Board representative the question was asked, “What would you do to turn around the negative media coverage of South Bend Schools?”

Ralph Pieniazkiewicz (current school board member) responded, “Get another paper in town.”  Then he went on to say that the South Bend Tribune never covers the good things going on in the public school.  He claims to have invited them to go with him into the schools and see the stories that are good and positive about South Bend Schools and they have never responded.

Quite honestly, my tendency is to roll my eyes at his response (I’m not sure if it is because of my political persuasion or the point Mr. Pieniazkiewicz was making).  Really?  The South Bend Tribune refuses to print a positive story about South Bend Schools.

But then this morning I woke up to check the newspaper to see their story on Monroe Primary Center’s big rededication ceremony…and not a thing.  Not a blurb.  Not a reference.  Not a picture.  Nothing that communicates a massive renovation is complete and yesterday the student body, staff and teachers, the Superintendent of Schools, the school board, the mayor’s office, etc. gathered to celebrate!!!  NOTHING!!!  Complete silence.

Maybe Mr. Pieniazkiewicz was telling the truth after all

Oh…the Tribune did have an eight by six inch photo on the front page of the Local section of clouds early in the morning over Lake of the Woods.  But…nothing on Monroe Primary Center.

South Bend Tribune…pffft.

  1. david says:

    ooooh…..pretty sky!

  2. Shannon Loomis says:

    I somewhat agree with Mr. P’s statement. I taught at Dickinson for 6 years and while the Tribune did some good stories on us every once in a while, they were right on top of any bad press we got! It is so frustrating and sad for the students and teachers in this district that deserve GOOD press for the hard work they do.

  3. Angie Medors says:

    Here’s some proof to what Mr. P said. He made a comment that if a crime happened in SB, the Tribune would find a way to tie in a SB School in the headline, even if the crime wasn’t even relatively close. I hadn’t really pondered on that much since last Wednesday. But I just got on to see what’s happening locally and this is what I found. . .

    So, here’s a story on WSBT’s website (partners with the Tribune, right?). BTW – I did a mapquest on the distance between Washington High School and the crime location . . . 0.64 miles! Hmm, pretty close in city standards???,0,533591.story

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