Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving break is over.  Vacation is over.  Back to the office this morning.  Trusting for a good start to the day until…

Isaac, my oldest son, comes running upstairs to tell me that the toilet downstairs is overflowing.  Problem:  no one has used the toilet downstairs.  That means the line going out to the city sewer is plugged (most likely from tree roots, etc.) and any water that is used in the house (like three people taking showers this morning) simply overflows through the toilet downstairs.  Flood.  And nasty flood.  Same thing happened in July of 2007.  I blogged about it here.

Not a good start to the day.  So, in answer to the question, “How’s it going?”  The answer is – “CRAPTASTIC!”  I wonder if my in-laws would mind driving up from St. Louis to clean up this mess? 🙂

  1. By the way…you get what you pay for. Getting my plumbing resolved has taken hours today. The first plumbing company I called came out. The two technicians (if you can call them that) said they couldn’t fix my problem. As they continued to look at each other in a shifty manner I realized they didn’t WANT to fix it. It would be too inconvenient and a hassle. So, it was easier just to say they couldn’t do it. The second company came out with two technicians. They fixed the problem (not cheap). Was it easy? No. But they could do it. You get what you pay for. I wonder how often that happens in customer service. Not that they CAN’T fix your problem…but that it is simply easier to say they can’t and move on to an easier situation.

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