Biggest Loser Season 10 & My Letter to Ada

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser

I’m a Biggest Loser fan.  If you have been reading Sam I Am for any length of time you know I usually have a weekly post dedicated to the show.  But, I haven’t been in the mood.  Honestly, I’ve not enjoyed this season very much.

BUT (and I know this is a day late) – I am captured by Ada’s story.  She is a contestant this season who comes from a sucky family.  When she was 4 or 5 her little brother drowned in a kiddie pool they were sharing.  Her parents have blamed her for her brother’s death, and in frustration have verbally articulated that they wish she had died rather than her brother.  When every other contestant got a video from home, her family couldn’t take five minutes to film one for her.  During make-over week, they had to find a friend to be there for her because her family would not.  So – in a nut shell – her family stinks.  And she needs to say good-bye to them.

So, I’m writing her a blog letter.  Maybe you are in a similar situation.

Dear Ada,

Good job on the weight loss!  You are a beast!!!  You are like the Tara of season seven who kicks serious butt – including all the guys!  I’m sorry about your family and what they have said and done to you over the span of your life.  When it comes to the handing out of families, you got the raw end of the deal.  And I’ve been moved to see your pain in the midst of it.

Because of my devotion to Jesus, I thought I would offer that I think you could find hope and healing in him in regards to your family.  He sometimes had a crazy family too.  But what is most interesting is his teachings and treatment of his family.  He loves them.  He cares for them.  But he always de-centers them.  He never lets his mother or brothers (or anyone else in the family) become the ultimate in his life.  They are always penultimate.  He removes from them the ability to be his (or anyones) ENTIRE world and disarms them of the power to exclusively define who we are and the life we should live.

This is good news for most people.  While families can be places of love and acceptance and joy – many (if not most) families are dysfunctional and claim a place of preeminence in the life of its members.  It tries to define who you are (and often in very unhealthy ways…”you’re stupid”, “you won’t find a guy who will love you”, “you’re shy”, “you’re just like your father”, etc.).  And in the end, the biological family can be the most oppressive and destructive place on earth (although it rarely intends to be).

The good news in Jesus is he insists on being the ultimate and the primary source of life and identity.  The reason why that is good news is because it dethrones the family and puts it in its proper place of being second, or penultimate in life.  From that position, one is free to love and appreciate the good things about biological family, but because it isn’t EVERYTHING, allows you to reject, dismiss, and repudiate those aspects of family that aren’t true.

You didn’t kill your brother.  And it is good that you are alive today.

Jesus will remind you of those truths.  And it will set you free from the oppression of your family.

You’re doing great!  Keep going!


Your TV fan – Sam

  1. Jim says:

    Wow Sam — what a great letter. I wish Ada could see it.

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