Give 2010 Monroe & Lincoln

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Living Stones Church, Schools, South Bend

Wednesday and Thursday were great days as 1000 students came to our Christmas Store and were able to select a pair of gloves, hat, and then a book (by the way if you are wondering…Diary of a Wimpy Kid is VERY popular).  We then wrapped it up and put it in a Christmas gift bag. 1000 students!! Every child at Monroe and Lincoln Primary Centers took home a gift bag!! 1000 students!! And we even had some left over (which is good because you don’t want the last kid in the school to show up and there is one book and one hat and gloves to choose from)!!! 1000 students. That is OVER 1000 books, 1000 hats, and 1000 gloves.

Why?  Because of the generosity of the Living Stones Church!  We debated in a leadership meeting whether we could do it.  We knew we could provide for Monroe, but we thought we should expand and include Lincoln as well.  In the end, we decided it would be our “Sun Stand Still” prayer and we would simply act in faith.  And God provided through YOU!!!!

Thank you to so many who went and purchased books, hat, or gloves, gave money, and/or volunteered your time to help everything go smoothly and successfully.  A big THANK YOU to Amy Osterhout who organized everything and did an excellent job.  Really…it was VERY smooth.

On Sunday check out some of the “Thank you” cards and banners the kids at the schools made for us.  They will be on the lobby wall!  Very sweet!!!

  1. The Bishop says:

    After almost 40 years here, I am so happy and proud of how this church is impacting and serving the south side of South Bend. Living Stones is demonstrating discipleship and a very tangible way. God bless all of you who gave so generously to these children.

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