Would Jesus be a Liberal Democrat

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Watch this video first…

Now discuss


  1. K. Rex Butts says:

    While a person could arguably claim that Jesus’ concern for the poor is more in line with Democrat ideology than Republican, I don’t think either party would really enjoy having Jesus around them because he would call their rhetoric for what it is…talk with little self-sacrificial (cross-carrying) action.

    I would also say (and this reveal my increasing anabaptist influence) that what both Republican and Democrat parties seem to be just two-different sides of a liberal coin in the fact that believes in national sovereignty. But if Jesus has been raised from death and exalted as Lord and Messiah, as the Apostle Peter proclaimed in Acts 2 and as we believe then there’s nothing sovereign about any nation, tribe, party, or ideology.

    Grace and Peace,


  2. Curt says:

    While most of video is tongue & cheek and funny, if you are short on time, just watch last 15 seconds. Very telling statement.

  3. the other ed says:

    In all truth, God is a libertarian

  4. scribecorner says:

    If you read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which are on the life of Jesus while He lived and walked among us, you’ll realise that He was into Monarchy and not Democracy; this was with God the Father as the ruler off course. The perfect Kingdom and government!

  5. david says:

    I’m still shocked that the bishop hasn’t chimed in on this one.
    Hoping he hasn’t lost his internet connection…

  6. David – ME TOO!! I think I put it up there just to get his reaction. He is leading a Growth Group at LSC on Christians and Government. I’m wondering if he will allow me to be a guest speaker one week (you know…for rebuttal’s sake).

  7. The Bishop says:

    David, thank you for your concern. But I’m quite alright. Any of the bilge emanating from faux Conservative Stephen Colbert is not worthy of serious commentary. Besides, I maintain that the King of kings has no need of either of the corrupt political parties currently vying to govern and control us (one imminently more corrupt than the other). I am, however, interested in Jesus’s method of paying His taxes, i.e., getting fish to cough it up. Consequently, I am leaving it to others to debate the question publicly. “Jesus 2012!”

  8. david says:

    Hey, I like your response, bishop!
    Sounds like an interesting class you’re teaching.
    Have you read “Civil Government” by David Lipscomb, “Jesus for President” by Shane Claiborne or anything by John Howard Yoder on the subject?
    If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  9. The Bishop says:

    David, I read Lipscomb’s “Civil Government” over 30 years ago and am using it in preparation for the Growth Group. I appreciate the Claiborne and Yoder tips. I’ll have to take a look at them. Honestly, I find it hard to refute Lipscomb’s position. By the way, Diane’s mother’s maiden name was Yoder.

  10. Jim says:

    God has a sense of humor, witness, I am still alive. God can also handle our anger, even to the point of raising a fist toward Heaven. That being said God will not be mocked. Colbert came close enough to mockery for me to be concerned for him.
    My two cents on Clairborne: I have a like /dislike relationship with him. I can only take short doses of Irresistable Revolution. I like his passion for Jesus but find his politics to be of a communist nature. It’s hard to live both of those lives well.

  11. david says:

    Arch Bishop:
    I concur that Lipscomb makes some good arguments regarding the relationship between government and Christianity. Although I differ from his views on voting, I appreciate his advocacy that Christians abstain from participating in warfare and other uses of the government’s sword. I recall that he generally taught that Christians should not hold governmental positions, yet he provided an exception for those who teach (thus, Diane’s vocation would be acceptable in Lipscomb’s view — I fear he did not look as favorably on tax collectors! I don’t recall any teachings on lawyers, but I doubt he held them in very high regard either…).
    I can see how one might view some of Clairborne’s writings as bordering on communism and how that might be a cause for concern. On the other hand, I doubt that one could necessarily characterize Jesus or his teachings as capatlist in nature (of course, the political philosophies of both capatlism and communism would not arise until well after the time of Jesus). I wonder, though, how someone like McCarthy might have scrutinized the teachings of that certain Palestinian peasant, had he truly grasped the radicalness of his subversive message.

    Thanks for the dialogue.

  12. Doug says:

    Honestly. Why anyone would want to bother with this except under the absurd hope that it might be funny? (Turns out: not really…) It is relatively clear to anyone who reads the Gospels what Jesus is “for.” This screed (not-so-subtly-or-effectively wrapped in “humor”) is trying to make a point that Republicans are somehow uncharitable or selfish, or whatever. I would contend that PEOPLE are selfish, and uncharitable, and while I’m at it: LAZY. One of the greatest conceits in the ;last 100 or so years is that somehow it makes sense to entrust things like “charity” to a soulless institution such as government. Pick your party–but either way–it’s no party for the poor. WE, are the ones called to be generous by Jesus, NOT the government.

  13. the other ed says:

    That’s it…I’ve decided to vote for Weird Al Yankovic in 2012

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