Making a Group Decision Without Voting

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Church, Leadership, Living Stones Church, vision

Last night we sat around the table to discern and decide what to do with an opportunity that had unexpectedly opened up last week.  The meeting was preceded by a synopsis of the opportunity and a call to prayer.  Five days later we were now gathering to decide.  Honestly, I was excited about the possibilities that were in the opportunity.  I knew there were large and serious questions, but I found my heart wanting to be for it.  I was hoping God was for it too.  But I live in a state of insecurity about hearing God’s voice in a matter like this (we sure didn’t have a book, chapter, or verse to decide).  So – in these matters I trust that God will decide this thing in the same way I have seen it over and over again in my time at Living Stones Church.  All of the elders and myself will gather together, pray, talk it through, and in the end we’ll have a unanimous decision (we tried white smoke from a chimney but it seemed too dramatic 🙂 ).

It happened again last night.  We prayed.  We talked it through.  And we were all in agreement (the final decision even being against my natural inclination).

Everyone is free to speak their opinion.  There are questions.  There are challenges.  There is a give and take of ideas and “what ifs.”  People can begin at totally different places.  But in the process you can see emerging – a Spirit-driven unanimity.

I’ve never experienced anything other.  I’m not saying it won’t happen.  But we have NEVER taken a vote.  We’ve never had a WINNING side or LOSING side.  We’ve NEVER had an awkward “hold out” that the rest of the leaders had to figure out how to respond to.  NEVER.

Thus, I stand convinced (as of now) that a group of leaders can gather together as a group and make a decision in complete agreement and never have to cast a vote.  And the agreement is true and genuine (not the…we disagree in private but publicly we put on a united front).  And the end decision is WAY better than me trusting my initial inclinations or solitary ability to discern the will of God.

Now I’m praying that this blog post doesn’t jinx it.  🙂

  1. Jennifer G.H. says:

    You’ve got me on the edge of my seat!

  2. the other ed says:

    I, too, am on the edge of my seat…if you want my opinion…pepperoni and mushroom…it’s the ONLY way to secure a brokerage of peace and harmony in the Living Stones Community.
    Alas, I know this presents a problem, as we have a verbal contract with Little Ceasars…

  3. Kneip says:

    Let me simply say: “Like.” Big like.

  4. Jill says:

    I’m all ears! Now you got my attention…what is it?

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