Chinese Closure

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Restaurants, South Bend

China Garden (the one in the basement) here on the South Side of South Bend is closing at the end of the month.  I didn’t go often.  But I liked it!

Hibachi Grill, on the corner of Michigan and Ireland (the old Hollywood Video) is to open soon.  It has a 100 item buffet in the center of the restaurant.  Might be good.  I’m a little skeptical of any place that offers American, Italian, Chinese, & Japanese food.  Too broad.

  1. Edward says:

    What!?! They’ve been around since, what 1956!? Truly an underground legend.

  2. Lorinda Wallin says:

    Have you been to the new Habachi Grill. If things work out right, Ed and I will be going there Friday for lunch. We both love chinesse food so we’ll see.

  3. gail says:

    Jason and I would make fun of the sign when we lived in South Bend. Are you kidding me, FOUR types of food groups in one restaurant? Fail.

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