Why I Love the Kindle

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

For Christmas my wife purchased me a Kindle.  I would have never purchased myself a Kindle.  Why?  Because I love books.  I love paper.  I love books on my shelf.  I love the office supply store.  I love the look, smell, and feel of REAL paper. The Office is my favorite sitcom.  I hung on to my Franklin Day Timer (classic size) until just a year and a half ago.  So, I didn’t think I would like a Kindle or want to read off of a screen.  Then I started using it.  And now, I won’t go back.  Why?

1.  Instant downloadable books. In a minute I can download a brand new book on my Kindle and begin reading.  No more waiting 3-5 days (or longer) for my order to come in.  It is instant!!

2.  It helps me be lazy. I know books aren’t heavy (most of them).  But they have to stay open, you have to keep the pages apart in a way that you can read all the words, when you are finished with a page you actually have to move your hand to grip the corner of the next page and then move.  What a waste of calories.  Now…I read with a thumb on one of the two buttons (on each side…for my comfort) and turn with ease.  I could have the entire encyclopedia on my lap…weighing a few ounces.

3.  Long battery life. I opened my gift mid-December.  Yesterday, February 3rd, was the first time I recharged it.  And even that it took less than an hour.

4.  Easy to read screen. It isn’t like reading on the computer, which after a while hurts my eyes.  It is a different technology that is so easy and readable.

5.  Reading helps. It has a feature that allows me to simply move the cursor over a word and then the definition pops up at the bottom of the screen.  This has made reading Dr. Seuss books so much easier!

6.  Compact. Before I would pack my backpack full of books to take home from the office or wherever.  Now, I can bring 10,000 books anywhere I want.

7.  Other content. The Kindle can also download journals, newspapers, blogs, and even documents that I send to Amazon/Kindle (they reformat and send it back as a download).

It is amazing.  I have a bunch of other reasons (e.g., Kindle books are cheaper than print; it will read a book to you; I can change the size and screen to my preferences; etc.).  But I’m done with that archaic paper thing.  Kindle is the way to go!

  1. The Bishop says:

    And who was it who mocked my enjoyment of my iPad? Hmmmm, let me think. And my iPad has a Kindle app (besides iBooks and Free Books). And, of course, the first thing I read each morning on my iPad is another book – that’s right, the Book of books (and that’s not the phone book for those of you not picking up on my self-righteous bragging). At any rate, it is the next greatest leap in reading technology since the Gutenberg printing press. Welcome to my world, son.

  2. Lori says:

    The one bad thing about the kindle is that you are tied in to books only from Amazon. I love my nook because it supports all electronic books AND B&N has a free book friday 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    I like free books from the library and books I borrow from my friends. This is my only hesitation about a Kindle.

  4. Lori says:

    @ Melissa, nooks have a ‘lend me’ option which allows you to share books with with other nook owners. Kindles do not have that option 🙂

  5. Lori – not true. You can lend a Kindle to other Kindles as well. It is though Amazon. They have two weeks to read it. And – the Kindle has all sorts of free book deals as well.

  6. THE OTHER ED says:

    ok…here is the major downside to both the nook and kindle…i like to press butterflies in my spare time…where’s the app for that, hmmm?

    who am i kidding, i want an i-pad. :p

  7. Lori says:

    I guess this is one of those things that you either like or dislike. I love my nook, but not the kindle. And I would NOT even think about buying a nookcolor. One of the reasons I like mine is beccause it does not have a light behind the print. I can’t read books on the computer because of the light. For those who are in school, it is worth having a bookreader of any kind because you can get textbooks cheaper 🙂

  8. Lorinda Wallin says:

    I was debating on which to get, the Nook or a Kindle and I was settled on a kindle now this.

  9. Carl says:

    Preach it Bishop!

  10. david says:

    “The Life and Times of Sam Barrington, brought to you by Amazon.”

    I hope they give you a little kickback for your free promotion!

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