Crime Stats

Posted: February 10, 2011 in South Bend

The Police Department releases crime reports for each section of town.  For the Southeast Side of South Bend from December 1st, 2010 – January 31st, 2010 we had:

Residential Burglaries: 69

Vehicle Thefts: 37

All other crimes were way down.  What is up with all the burglaries and car thefts?

  1. The Bishop says:

    With increasing rate of residential foreclosures and the resulting vacant properties, residential burglaries shouldmstart declining exponentially. And with gasoline destined to hit $5 per gallon, most tanks won’t contain enough for getaways (unless they’re using tow trucks), so look on the hopeful and positive side.

  2. Edwardlife says:

    Burglaries see a seasonal peak for some reason in the winter months. In addition I’ve seen regional spikes attributed to repeat offenders being released from jail/prison for a same offense and now being released back into society to pick back up.

    Car thefts spike in cold weather MOSTLY because people leave them running and unattended when they run into the convenience store/liquor store, or lesser, when warming up unlocked and unattended.

    I would think given the HUGE amounts of abandoned/foreclosed houses on the south side that the burglaries would flatten out to an extent, but not usually for some reason.

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