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[this is at least a week overdue… 😦 ]

A week ago Sunday we celebrated our five year anniversary as the Living Stones Church.  And when I say we “celebrated“…I mean we literally had a birthday party in honor of the occasion.  And it was one of my favorite Sundays to date.  Highlights for me:

  • Great turnout and energy (almost broke a non-Easter record).  Our first Sunday as the Living Stones Church we had 123 people in attendance.  A week ago Sunday we had over 5X that!
  • The worship band was crazy good!
  • We started the morning with a little bit of the cha-cha slide (yes…that one…”EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS….”)
  • Rachelle Costello wrote a song for the occasion.  It was entitled, “Super Hero.”  I loved it.  And the church did too.  I love the creativity, words, and heart behind this song.  It should be in our repertoire of songs.  And it should be the first cut of a Living Stones Church worship album (hint…hint…worship band…).
  • Doug Harsch put together a documentary (see below) to help tell our history and story.  No one but God (and maybe Beth) will truly know how much time time it took to prep, film, edit, render, etc. this video.
  • We had balloons everywhere.  And not just any balloons – but helium filled LSC balloons (with our logo…yes…we’re fancy like that).
  • We had blow horns, confetti poppers, party hats, etc. which we all used as we concluded our “Happy Birthday to Us.”
  • We served Martin’s gourmet cupcakes to everyone (yes…I said gourmet).
  • We handed out party favors – a bag with our logo along with a water bottle with our logo, and some candy.
  • I got to cast vision for where we are going.

It was a great day.  I’m excited for what God has done in and among us.  I trust the next five years we will continue to see growth, and Kingdom expansion in our midst.  It’s humbling.

Does Someone Get Fired For This?

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Schools, South Bend

From this morning’s South Bend Community School menu.  Today is “Black History Month Menu.”