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1.  To hear about perhaps one of the best opportunities we’ve ever had to impact some kids on the South Side *gang symbol flash* of South Bend at the Miami Hills apartments.  Starting a summer day camp called RECESS.  I thought maybe we could pull it off by next summer…but after God opened many doors and some hard work out of the office…and with your participation…it seems to be a doable reality THIS SUMMER!!

2.  Last opportunity to sign-up for our April 10th Baptismal Celebration.  The New Testament knows no concept of an unbaptized Christian.  If you are following Jesus but haven’t been baptized, or can’t remember your baptism – APRIL 10TH is your time!!

3.  Second week of Growth Group sign-ups!!!  If you haven’t signed up yet, go to the website and do so!!  Lots of great offerings this semester.  OR – check the connection card sign-up on Sunday!!

4.  We are continuing our study of Song of Songs (chapter 6:11-8:4).  This section is hot.  Remember our PG12 rating.  If your kids don’t know where babies come from…they will if you let them hear this message.

5.  The opening song is by Air Supply.  Yes…you read that correctly.


Hypnotic Powers

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Dear Christians, please stop doing this…

Hamilton School Jungle Book

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This is the third year I’ve seen Hamilton School do a dramatic production.  I am completely shocked and amazed at how good 3rd & 4th graders are at singing and performing.  This year they are doing the Jungle Book.  My baby girl Alex, is in it.  Here is WNDU’s coverage from last night’s performance:


The Perfect Bathroom Plan

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Thank you Jim Counts for passing along.  Finally, an easy to listen to video that soothes every OCD bone in my body!  I mean really…if you wash your hands and then touch the doorknob going out…THERE WAS NO POINT IN WASHING YOUR HANDS!

Watch…and learn

Sexy Saxophone Man

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Thank you Carlos Whittaker.

The best Biggest Loser contestant ever.  Love her!  Marci

where she’s at now.

On April 10th we will have our first baptismal celebration of the year.  We will have baptisms in all three services – 9:30, 11:30, and 5:30 p.m.!  If you have been thinking about getting baptized – here is your opportunity.  It will be a great day of celebration!!  If you are interested (and we need you to respond soon so we can make all the necessary arrangements send an e-mail to

Last year we met at the YMCA for our baptism celebration.  Here is a video Doug Harsch put together of last year’s baptism:

Dudes – if you need a little help knowing how to describe your lady – there is some help in Song of Songs chapter 4!!!  I’m not recommending you use words like “goat,” “tower of David,” or “my sister, my bride”…but – it will give you a glimpse on how to get started.

For this and more conversation about mutual submission, dealing with the greatest emotional fears in marriage, and much more…listen to this past weekend’s message – A Pursuit of Commitment.  You can LISTEN HERE!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward one hour before going to bed Saturday night.  That’s right…we will lose an hour of sleep for Sunday.  BUT…if you show up on Sunday to the Living Stones Church @ 9:30, 11:30, or 5:30 p.m. I’ll share with you the secret of not allowing a lost of hour of sleep to affect your sex life.  Your welcome.

A Passion for the Word of God

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After watching this I’m completely convinced I have taken the Word of God for granted.  I’ve become too cavalier with its availability to me.  My familiarity has bred apathy.  What I want is to be passionate…like this…