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Visionary Whiplash

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Leadership, vision

I had lunch yesterday with some of my favorite pastors in the world.  In our conversation one of them was sharing a common phenomenon we’ve all done and we had all experienced.  It was the VISIONARY WHIPLASH.  This is where a Pastor every year (or two) rolls out a “NEW VISION” for the church that he just received “from the Lord.”  It is the new plan that is going to “fix” all of the problems of the church and launch the church into a new season of growth and Kingdom opportunities!!!  My pastor friend said if he came out with one more “vision” his people were going to choke him. 🙂   We all laughed…because we all knew exactly what he was talking about.

Vision comes from an extended period of time with God.  And it has particular application to your time and location.  And it doesn’t change year after year after year.  If it does, it is most likely that your vision didn’t come from God, but rather from another church and what they are doing.  Your yearly “vision shift” is nothing more than trying to jump on the bandwagon of the latest and best (for that year).  And if you do that enough times, the church begins to be whiplashed around in your floundering attempt for traction.  And after enough years, they begin to remember all the other “new visions” that were supposed to fix all the problems and provide new Kingdom possibilities…but in the end…didn’t.  And they will get tired (as well as sore) and will eventually jump off your roller coaster of visionary leadership.

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